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Damian Lillard Doesn’t Like The Way Ja Morant Dancing During Games

The NBA Conference Semis are officially underway after a pretty entertaining first round.

One of the more entertaining first round series this year was between the Grizzlies and Wolves that saw Memphis use a few double digit 4th quarter comebacks to beat Minnesota in 6 games.

That series received a lot criticism because of how the players were acting after big plays and wins. We saw Karl Anthony Towns taunting and talking while up by double digits and then the Wolves losing the lead and game. We also saw Grizzlies players do a lot of dancing and talking in their wins.

Most people don’t like when others that haven’t won anything do a lot of celebrating. One of those people is Ball Don’t Stop who posted a long comment about how the game has changed. One person who seemed to agree with him? Damian Lillard.

Lillard posted the Ball Don’t Stop post to his IG story and he got a lot of criticism for it.

Twitter went at Dame for his agreement because they didn’t think he’s done anything to make the comment. Weird situation though because Dame has always showed up for the most part but doesn’t have a championship so people feel that is a reason why he can’t make comments.

Some did agree with Dame though.

The best way to stop someone from dancing and/or celebrating is to beat them. That will stop the Giddy real quick. You didn’t say Morant dancing after Game 1 against the Warriors.

I doubt there will be much dancing if they go down 0-2. Everyone should play and celebrate the way they feel comfortable but just remember you set yourself to be meme’d if things don’t work out the way you want them to work out. If you are cool with that feel free to moonwalk for all I care.

Flip the page for the comments and reactions they vary a lot.

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