Ex-NBA Gilbert Arenas Thinks Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Was Fake and Staged By Jada Pinkett – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-NBA Gilbert Arenas Thinks Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Was Fake and Staged By Jada Pinkett

NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas is one of the few people out there who think the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars slap was staged. Looking at the repercussions following the slap, I doubt the whole slap brouhaha was faked just for clouts. There is more to that infamous slap.

According to Essentially Sports;

Many celebrities around the world reacted to the incident. Furthermore, people from the NBA world gave their opinions on whether Will Smith did the right thing? Did Chris Rock go too far with the joke? Did he deserve the slap? Should Will Smith have handled the situation in a better way? But Gilbert Arenas, former NBA veteran, doubts if the slap was even real.

“Fake.”This was Gilbert Arenas’ response when asked what his first reaction was when he saw the slap. “I still think it’s fake. — One you’re talking about two guys who were close. They are black comedians. They grew up in the same era. They’ve known how Hollywood is. I mean Chris Rock has been on the, you know, on the fresh prince and stuff like that.”Arenas gave his opinion on the whole thing.

He continued explaining why he thought that it was fake, “yeah so Chris Rock has done jokes before. Will Smith has heard worse about his family and it never, never bothers him. never! Like for a guy who’s heard everything from Tupac’s uh whatever… Nothing. Because he’s ultimate alpha, like he seems secure with himself, just who he is as a man.”

Agent Zero goes on to say he believes that Jada might have staged it.

If it was fake I am sure that Will didn’t realize the type of backlash he would get from it and that is why I think it was real. Will has looked like a fool every since the slap has happened and has been forced into hiding.

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