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Kodak Black Will Have Four Kids Born in 2022; Here The Gift He Gave His Latest Baby Mama

Kodak Black is reportedly welcoming another child soon with a beautiful Detroit girl who happens to be his fourth baby momma. Kodak already has five kids and according to MTO News, he’s likely to reproduce ten kids looking at how he’s busily welcoming kids here and there.

Florida rapper Kodak Black has 5 children . . . but the way he’s reproducing, the rapper may soon catch up to Future or Nick Cannon, each of whom have 10 children.

A Detroit girl posted a picture on Instagram, showing off her pregnant belly and the brand new Mercedes Benz that Kodak Black bought her. Speculation is that Kodak is the father of her child, which – by the color of the balloons – is a girl.

Assuming this is true, that would make the pretty Detroit girl’s daughter Kodak’s fourth child born in 2022.

Kodak explained his complicated social life, in a Live interview two months ago. The Florida rapper explained:

“It’s always understood, if I’m dealing with a person, I’m never gonna lead them on and make them feel like we’re in a relationship if we not, you hear me, I already let you know what I got going on in my life and so you gon make the decision if you want to deal with me or not, I aint gotta lie to nobody.”

Kodak currently has three other women pregnant. One baby mama, Maranda Johnson, is a successful real estate agent. One babys mother is an exotic dancer from Miami. And the third pregnant girl is a 19 year old who is attending beautician school. Now he has a fourth.

He needs to consider getting snipped like Nick Cannon.

“I already went and got my vasectomy consultation. I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have.”

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