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Michelle Beadle on Why LeBron James Slid in Her DMs

Michelle Beadle has spoken on how LeBron James once slid into her DM all because he wasn’t happy about how she made fun of him for the ‘Decision’ via Side Action;

Former ESPN employee Michelle Beadle is not necessarily a fan of LeBron James, as she’s previously gone on record saying LeBron tried to get her fired.

Now she’s saying a little big more about LeBron. Apparently, on top of trying to get her sh*t canned,  LeBron also slid into Michelle Beadle’s DMs.

According to Beadle, LeBron slid directly into her DMs because he wasn’t happy about her making fun of him for the ‘Decision.’   Beadle spoke about LeBron sliding into her DM’s on a recent episode of “The Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette.”

Here’s what Beadle said in the past about LeBron trying to get her fired.

It isn’t secret that LeBron doesn’t like Michelle Beadle.

The reason why has been disputed. It could be how she joked about “The Decision,” but many people did that, so I find that couldn’t be the only reason.

Maybe it is because she is a diehard Spurs fan and took joy when the Spurs would beat the Cavs and then the HEAT in NBA Finals?

According to Ethan Strauss‘s Podcast, it might have been a segment on Sportsnation where Beadle spoofs a LeBron NIKE commercial.

It truly could be anything or all of the above.

“To find out … I was just like ‘hey, what a weird person to have any input on your life,’” Beadle said.

“He had a person at the network who he wanted. He wanted her to be the host of [NBA Countdown]. He does not like me, and I honestly have stopped trying to figure out why. For some reason, it goes back years. I’ve been around Maverick Carter. He refuses to shake my hand.”

It is highly probable that Beadle was referring to Rachel Nichols as the person she believes James wanted to replace her on the studio show. James and Nichols have long had a collaborative professional relationship.

I wonder where Nichols will end up next?

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