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Patrick Mahomes And His Wife Brittany Matthews Announce They Are Expecting Their Second Child

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Matthews are expecting their second child. Congratulations to the couple. The announcement was made by the couple on Instagram. It’s baby number 2!

According to the New York Post;

Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany Matthews are adding another teammate to their family.

The longtime couple announced Sunday that they’re expecting their second child together, two months after tying the knot.

In a photo post shared on Instagram, Mahomes is seen sitting beside Matthews and their 1-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, who holds a sign that reads, “Big sister duties coming soon.”

A separate image features Matthews, a Kansas City Current soccer club co-owner, holding up a sonogram as the Chiefs quarterback, 26, smiles beside her.

Mahomes and Matthews recently got married. Matthews went viral for telling her alleged haters were sh*tty people.

Brittany Matthews shared how she’s maintained her grace in such a hateful world during a question and answer with her fans on Instagram.

Here is her answer to the question of how she maintains her “grace in such a hateful world.”

“Honestly, I have no other choice!” she replied. “I would never let people on the internet destroy my peace or effect [sic] my life. BUT. It’s been hard, it took time to learn this and still learning at times.

“It’s always gonna be there, at times its [sic] worse then [sic] others & at those times is when you won’t see me on here or the internet. Hence why I have taken such huge steps away from social media. It’s a toxic and horrible place at times and those are when I say peace out.”

“My world outside of social media is great. I have the right people around me always and that’s where I stay when people on here wanna be sh-tty. Not my problem, bye.”

The lack of self-awareness is startling from Matthews. There are 32 starting QBs in the NFL. I believe all of them have either wives or girlfriends. How many of them get called out on a regular basis for privileged behavior? I can’t think of many, so when you are #1 out of 32, and no one is bothering the other 31 significant others, you might want to look in the mirror and figure out why.

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