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Polina Nioly Says Says Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her to Focus on His Career So She Started Dating His Boss

According to one Russian influencer named Polina Nioly, she is currently dating her ex-boyfriend’s boss for revenge after he dumped her with the excuse that he wants to focus on his career. Is that what’s termed sweet revenge?

The New York Post got details;

Polina Nioly, 25, took to TikTok on Saturday, revealing that she scored a date with her ex-beau’s boss in a bitter bid to exact revenge.

“POV: He broke up with you to focus on his career and now you’re going on a date with an owner of the company he works at,” Nioly captioned her clip, which has already racked up more than 1.2 million views.

“Revenge should be served cold,” the blond beauty sassily added beneath footage that showed her dolled up for the date in a skimpy black dress and sky-high heels.

Nioly didn’t reveal the name of her ex, nor the company he works at. The Russian beauty’s TikTok sparked fierce debate among viewers, with some saying her ex was right to dump her to focus on work.

“Why is this a flex?” one asked. “There’s nothing wrong with a guy that wants to focus on his career especially if he has invested thousands of dollars on his education.”

Others claimed that Nioly’s ex made the right decision in letting her go, as she seemed only interested in a man with money.

However, the stunning model snapped back, saying: “Not the people in the comments saying something like ‘Oh girls are searching for money.’ Besties I am a millionaire with a 100+ employees, am I supposed to date someone less than I am? No thanks!”

It’s unclear whether Nioly actually has that many employees. Likewise, it isn’t known how much of her purported wealth, if real, was inherited versus self-made.

The blonde describes herself as a “movie producer,” but her IMDb page only lists two films, both yet to be released. Nioly also claims to be an actress, although her only listed credit is as a “radio operator” in the 2022 Mickey Rourke movie “WarHunt.”

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