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Rudy Gobert Threatens to Fight Skip Bayless Over Skip Calling Him Soft

For some odd reason there is a Rudy Gobert and Shaq “beef” going on right now.

It started when Shaq just completely dismissed (rightfully so) Rudy being able to stop him and limiting him to only 12 points. Most people agree with Shaq.

It’s been an interesting week for Rudy Gobert, who has gone back and forth with Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal on social media.

It all started when Anthony Adams, on O’Neal’s podcast, said that Gobert would hold Shaq to 12 points.

“Yeah, in the first three minutes,” O’Neal responded.

Gobert replied to a social media post of that statement, saying he would “lock his (butt) up.”

On Tuesday, Gobert cleared the air. Gobert texted Taylor Rooks, who was interviewing O’Neal, saying that he has no “beef” with Shaq.

“I do think I could lock him up. I’m never going to look at someone, whoever it is, and say, ‘Yeah, you would score 40 on me.’ That’s not my mentality,” Gobert said, per Rooks. “I would love to go against prime Shaq. That would be a great challenge for me.”

“That’s the way you have to think or you have no chance. Tell Shaq that I appreciate the love,” Gobert said, per Rooks.

“Rudy, I respect that,” O’Neal said.

“A lot of times when I throw jabs, people think it’s hate or whatever. When really, I’m just challenging them,” O’Neal said. “If I say something, prove me wrong. It’s never beef.”

Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless is one of those people but he did so in Skip Bayless fashion and called him a fake tough guy saying he was barking up the biggest wrongest tree.

Rudy saw the video of Skip talking about him and didn’t like it so he hit back wondering if Skip would say those things if they were face to face. He also hinted at getting tired of the disrespect.

Wonder how Skip will respond.

Flip the page to see the video and response.

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