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HEAT and Hawks Want to Trade For Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is reportedly eyeing either the Miami Heat or the Atlanta Hawks in a potential trade. He has an interest in these two teams and could be traded to one of them. His days in Utah could be over soon.

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Could this be the end of Donovan Mitchell in Utah?

Despite showing signs of promise in recent years, the young Jazz nucleus has failed to get over the hump. And after their series loss to the Mavericks, it was reported that the team was likely to part ways with either Mitchell or center Rudy Gobert.

This week, it has been reported that Donovan Mitchell has his eyes on one potential trade partner with the Jazz: the Atlanta Hawks.

“A backcourt duo of Ice and Spida is tantalizing. It would immediately become arguably the best guard duo in the Association. Neither player has played with someone of the other’s caliber, but Mitchell is a terrible defender. Young and Mitchell would undoubtedly be explosive offensively, but adding another abysmal defender will make watching the Hawks pretty difficult. I don’t see this being likely for that reason; additionally, I see the Jazz parting ways with Rudy Gobert instead of Mitchell.”

Donovan Mitchell would undoubtedly provide a spark for any team looking to compete next season. And pairing him in a backcourt with Trae Young could be deadly.

As of now, the Jazz have not made their offseason plans known besides admitting that the days with this current core are likely over.

It has become clear that either Gobert or Mitchell has to go. There BIG 2 isn’t working in Utah and nothing about that is going to change unless they are able to get a third star and let’s be honest star free agents aren’t signing in Utah. Their best route to success is via a trade, but they have to make sure they make the right one. Who do you think should go?

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