Travis Kelce Breaks Up With Kayla Nicole After She Called Cam Newton a Bozo For Saying Women Need to Learn How to Cook – BlackSportsOnline
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Travis Kelce Breaks Up With Kayla Nicole After She Called Cam Newton a Bozo For Saying Women Need to Learn How to Cook

Rumor has it that Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole have broken up again after six years of relationship. According to Side Action‘s source, the couple is over again, and doesn’t look like they will be back again this time around.

This is what the source said;

“They are not together right now. If you pay attention they  don’t comment on each other’s pics anymore. Also there are so many people in the comment section asking her if she’s single, which is another tell tale sign. But oh well. Rich people problems.”

There is more on Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s on and off relationship;

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole started dating all the way back in 2017.

They have been on and off since the jump. Back in August 2020 the couple split for a brief period. Kayla Nicole squashed rumors of Travis’ cheating way as the reason for the split. They took a few months off from their relationship. She did the usual social media scrubbing. They appeared to reunite later in the year.

Kayla was spotted at a Chiefs’ game in November 2020 confirming their relationship status was back on.  Travis then confirmed they were back himself.

Nicole was being COOKED no pun intended for calling Cam Newton a bozo for saying women need to learn how to cook and stop trying so hard to be IG models.

She ripped him for appearing to define a woman’s worth by her abilities in the kitchen and her willingness to “allow a man to lead” — eviscerating him in a video on her Instagram page.

“This man said that you need to be able to cook and know when to be quiet,” Nicole said. “Because that’s what his momma did. Like, boy! Go date your momma then!”

The Chiefs star’s GF explained her beef with Cam further in a series of tweets on her Twitter account … calling Cam a straight-up “bozo” for his comments.

“Pretty sure the average woman is capable of making edible food,” Kayla said. “How do you think she’s survived thus far?”

“It’s really not a matter of can she cook — it’s more like does she want to cook for your hungry hippo ass.”

Kayla — who’s been dating Kelce since 2017 — then poked fun at Cam for currently being without an NFL team … saying, “He has nothing but time to ‘be quiet’ and get that ass in the kitchen.”

There is also a rumor that Kelce didn’t like some of the things that Kayla was doing at Coachella.

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