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Watch Fan Headbutt Pro Wrestler Joe Black Before His Match and Cause a Riot

Regardless of the beefed-up security during such fights, some fans will always be wild and do the unthinkable. In a viral video clip trending on the internet, one fan caused chaos after head-butting Pro wrestler Joe Black before his match.

According to TMZ Sports;

Moments before the IWE champion, Joe Black made his way to the ring for his main event showdown with Anthony Henry, he walked around the platform and lightly grazed a fan seated in the front row of the crowd with his back hand. The fan, however, didn’t take lightly to the action as he then stood up and proceeded to hit Joe Black squarely on the face with a hellacious headbutt.

The fan was nearly just as physically imposing as Joe Black and the form that he displayed in delivering the headbutt practically implied that he was a pro wrestler himself. But once Joe Black responded with a series of punches, it became very obvious that their physical exchange was not a part of the IWE’s storyline that night. Therefore, a real-life brawl ensued, before the personnel on hand managed to get in between the two heavy hitters.

No arrests have been made since the melee broke out over the weekend. The fight has actually generated more press and attention for the independent wrestling league known as IWE. Nevertheless, the company issued a statement about the incident that took place at the most recent live event.

One insert from the aforementioned statement described the fiasco as, “An unfortunate event happened at the show tonight which will be addressed by IWE personnel.”

While another insert was a bit more sentimental, “We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred.”

Those smaller wrestling shows are wild. You can tell the hillbilly fan was really into it. He might get a contract next.

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