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Will Smith Has Been Unhappy With Jada Pinkett For Years As She’s Become “Impossible To Please” and Super Toxic

For all these years, Will Smith has tried everything in his power to please his wife Jada Pinkett but all to no avail. It appears nothing impresses Jada especially it’s coming from her husband Will. This marriage has been on shaky grounds for a long and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about them getting divorced.

Now, according to a source, Will Smith has allegedly been unhappy with his wife Jada Pinkett for years as she’s become “Impossible To Please” via TJB;

According to OK Magazine, an inside source close to the powerhouse couple claims that Jada Pinkett Smithhas grown an unbearable attitude that has progressively worsened over the years. Reportedly, the 50-year-old actresses demanding nature has upset everyone around her, including several staff members and even her husband Will Smith.

The Red Table Talk host has assumably been undergoing some level of stress following her husband’s viral Oscar’s moment. In case you need a refresher, the King Richard star Will Smithstormed the Oscars stage and open palm slapped comedian Chris Rockback in March, over a joke he made about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head.

However, the source claims thats Jada’s attitude has been an issue for years. Reportedly, The Matrix actress has lost several longtime staff members in the recent years. Reports quoted the source stating:

“Will and Jada previously kept household staff for many years, with no complaints….But within the last five years, Jada became extremely demanding, and they cycled through chefs, security guards and trainers.”

Additionally, the source says that Will has been unhappy in the marriage for years and has changed on set. Reportedly, the source stated:

“He [Will Smith] has been unhappy for years. Jada is impossible to please.”

Then later continued:

“On set, Will believes he deserves to have assistants at his beck and call, luxury trailers and special meals catered to him….He thinks he knows best and he’s not afraid to share his opinion.”

There is more on Will Smith getting tired of Jada Pinkett. So why has it been so hard for Will to walk out of this marriage?

The source attributes most of the demanding energy to Jada’s shift over the past 5 years. Reportedly, her declining approval status is due to the way Jada focuses on nothing except fiercely pursing her goals. According to the source, the TV personality’s number one focus is expanding her Facebook series The Red Table Talk, where she hosts guests for conversation alongside her daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Speaking on Jada’s award winning series the source stated:

“It’s her top priority, and she doesn’t have time to be holding Will’s hand and acting as his de facto therapist…She expects him to man up, stop moping and pull himself together.”

None of this is surprising.

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