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At Least Six More Women Could File Massage Misconduct Lawsuits Against Deshaun Watson

The NFL season is going to be starting in a couple of months and the Browns aren’t really sure if Deshaun Watson will be suspended for some games or the whole season.

Watson has settled 20 of the 24 civil suits against him and earlier this week it was reported that the Texans are now being sued for enabling Watson while he was on the team.

This could make things even worse for Watson.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio there could be more women filing a civil suit against Watson. 6 more to be exact which would bring the total to 30.

“It is now known that in many of Watson’s multiple massage interactions, more than massage therapy occurred — indeed, with at least thirty different women, the ‘more’ that occurred included unwanted sexual advances and outright sexual assault by Watson,” reads a section of the lawsuit. “Each of those thirty plus women, most of which are complete strangers to one another, experienced strikingly similar conduct from Watson.”

Twenty-four have been filed, 20 have been settled. More quite possibly will be filed. The league’s proposed suspension of Watson, an indefinite ban lasting at least one year, is aimed at factoring the possibility of more lawsuits into the final decisions made in the case.

Based on the lawsuit filed on Monday, at least six more lawsuits against Watson are possible.

Watson had his hearing today with the person who will decide his fate this season.

Deshaun Watson’s hearing before the NFL and NFL Players Association’s jointly appointed disciplinary officer, Sue L. Robinson, has concluded for the day, ESPN’s Dan Graziano reported Tuesday.

The hearing is scheduled to resume Wednesday and may continue even longer than that, a source told Graziano. Watson has been accused by 25 women of actions ranging from sexual assault to inappropriate behavior during massage sessions.

The NFL is expected to push for a suspension of at least a year, according to Graziano.

On Monday, one of the four active civil lawsuits was amended to name the Houston Texans as a defendant. That day, attorney Tony Buzbee, who at one time represented all 25 women, said in a statement that “the overwhelming evidence collected indicating that the Houston Texans enabled Watson’s behavior is incredibly damning.”

All eyes are on the NFL to see what they will do and how long they are going to suspend him.

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