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Draymond Green’s Mom Mary Babers-Green Puts Charles Barkley And Kendrick Perkins On Blast

Draymond Green’s mom Mary Babers-Green has put both Charles Barkley and Kendrick Perkins on blast and according to her, Charles gets paid to heckle people and if he’s going to pick on Draymond, he should go ahead.

Mary Babers-Green was on 95.7 The Game’s “The Morning Roast” ahead of the NBA Finals Game 3 where she “addressed her son’s, and the Warriors’, biggest haters.”

According to Side Action;

Charles Barkley is into the Warriors villain role after going back and forth with fans and calling San Francisco “hell.” It even got so bad Charles was ready to fight:

Babers-Green wasn’t worried because all her son had to do was lift his hand and show off his three championship rings.

“I believe Charles Barkley has a job to do,” Babers-Green said. “He gets paid to be a heckler. If Dray is the one you wanna pick on, go ahead and pick on him. But he can always put up a middle finger and say, ‘It’s a ring, Chuck.’ He can’t deny that. He doesn’t have a ring, so, hey. If you’re a great or not, it doesn’t show if you don’t got that ring. That’s what they play for.”

But to Babers-Green, she remains unbothered by Perkins.

“He doesn’t really bother me at all,” she said. “It’s like, ‘OK, whatever. So what.’ Charles Barkley was great. Charles Barkley was one of my favorite players ever. He was a great player. I never even knew who Kendrick Perkins was until recently. He never stood out on my radar. I could care less. If that’s how he treats his job, ‘As long as I’m making this money.’ Make the money, brother.”

Now the moms are getting involved. Things are getting good in the series when the moms, wives, reporters, fans and etc are getting involved.

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