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Gilbert Arenas Says Megan Thee Stallion is Lying About Tory Lanez Shooting Her

Gilbert Arenas has shared his two cents on Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s lawsuit and according to him, he thinks Megan lied, and also the D.A. has no evidence to prove Tory shot Megan as she claimed.

According to Vlad;

Gilbert Arenas started off sharing his thoughts on DaBaby being charged with felony battery after a property manager tried to shut down his music video shoot for violating a rental agreement.

Gilbert stated that DaBaby shouldn’t be charged for a member of his security pushing the property manager to the ground, and Gilbert went on to address footage of the man hurling racist language before the incident.

From there, Gilbert went on to speak about Megan Thee Stallion denying that she was intimate with Tory Lanez, which Gilbert says he thinks is a lie.

There are a lot of people who think Megan is lying.

Azealia Banks is not afraid to run headlong into eyebrow-raising territory with her outrageous commentary. While on social media, the Harlem rapper appears to have suggested that Megan Thee Stallion faked getting shot and that it was a marketing ploy allegedly contrived by Jay-Z.

On Friday (May 20), Azealia Banks hopped on her Twitter account and blasted Megan Thee Stallion after fans discovered that Megan posted a photo of herself and Doja Cat at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and cropped out actress Cara Delevingne, who was sitting in between them in the original picture. Offended by Megan’s alleged shade, Banks, who is a good friend of Cara, decided to drag the Houston rhymer and made some ridiculous claims in the process.

“And the fact that horse face wide back meg the fucking stallion who has no grace, couth, is in desperate need of a serious ethnic rhinoplasty has the nerve to try and shade Cara She needs a saddle on her back and a summer jumping hurdles in Ocala Florida before anyone gives…His hands of the ghetto and throws her to the streets where she belongs,” Banks seethed in her Twitter rant. “What an angry, violent, aggressive and messy lesbian drunk. Fucking yuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Cara is not your fashion bitch sis…You screamed protect black women then helped Popeyes sell surplus sweet heat sauce and fried chicken sandwiches.”

Banks then dragged Jay-Z, who is the founder of Roc Nation, which manages Megan, into her long-winded rant.

“Jay-Z literally took one look at ur dumbass and switched out the Hennessy for his own brand of d’usee while u grieved the loss of your mom…even he knows that is all you are worth. Being a fucking desperate statistic easily swayed,” she wrote. “Jay-Z’s female artist marketing tactics are so fucking played out. Drum up some domestic violence lie, garner public sympathy, strip the artist of her confidence, isolate them and use them as vehicles for whatever white think tank agenda ala mode It’s actually f*cking pitiful.”

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