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Spa Owner Dionne Louis Admits Deshaun Watson Gave Her $5k to Find IG Models For Massages

Houston spa owner named Dionne Louis has revealed why Deshaun Watson paid her $5K. According to Dionne, Watson paid her $5K because “he’s a nice person.”

TPS has got the details;

At least three of Watson’s accusers worked at the same location under Houston spa owner Dionne Louis. Court filings show that cash app receipts and text messages have the Cleveland Browns QB paying Louis $5,000 for her work. According Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, Louis testified that Watson paid her this money because “he’s a nice person.”

Smith points out that Louis invoked the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination when asked about text messages she exchanged with Watson. Smith’s lawsuit includes text messages from Louis in which she says Watson gave her $5,000, and “I told you I’ll show you how to get money from men that’s my specialty.”

Reached by Schrotenboer, Louis said of Smith’s contentions, “All of that is ludicrous.” Louis also said Smith “has a pattern of doing this type of stuff.”

In the 23rd lawsuit filed against Watson his accuser Nia Smith said he wanted fingers in the anus.

BSO was the first to report on Nia Smith accusing Deshaun Watson of massage assault.

At the time though she decided not to file a lawsuit against him even though her accusations were very graphic.

“The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment was that he kept asking me to go inside his butt.

I originally thought it was the crack and so I would go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and was saying don’t be afraid to go inside.”

He basically didn’t want the rest of his body massaged, he wanted his groin area massaged and his butt only…he kept saying do you want to put in your mouth? It was just very very uncomfortable.”

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