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Katy Perry Tips Hostess Indianna Paull For ‘Normal’ Treatment After Arguing With Her Over Table

Katy Perry had to tip a hostess for a normal treatment after arguing with her over a table. She’s that generous huh? According to the New York Post, the Australian Paull hostess was stunned by Katy’s generosity “after she denied singer Katy Perry a table at a cafe in Port Douglas.”

Here is what happened;

The “California Gurls” singer was in Australia with her partner, Orlando Bloom, 45, who is currently shooting a movie called “Wizards!,” according to the Daily Mail.

Perry, 37, had requested a table from the hostess, Indianna Paull, but was rebuffed when she was told there were none available, Paull revealed in a now-deleted TikTok.

“When you are the first dumb oblivious bitch to tell Katy Perry she has to wait for a table,” read the caption of the video.

Paull admitted on TikTok that she did not recognize Perry under the sunglasses and hat and told the pop star that she would have to wait.

While Perry initially argued with Paull over the lack of tables in the cafe, according to the hostess’s account, the singer later tipped her generously for treating her like a “normal person.”

“She [Perry] came in to get breakfast with her family, and we didn’t have a table available,” Paull wrote in the comments, according to Daily Mail.

Paparazzi caught the whole exchange and subsequently published pictures of a disgruntled-looking Perry along with her 22-month-old daughter, Daisy, at the cafe entrance.

Paull detailed the exchange on TikTok, but has since taken the video down.

“POV: Katy Perry comes into your café and you don’t recognize her and argue over a table. Then she tips and hugs you for treating her like an everyday person,” she wrote.

Several commenters online agreed that making celebrities wait in line should not be a big deal.

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