Bishop Lamor Whitehead Who Was Robbed Of $1M in Jewelry Scammed $90K From Church Member Named Pauline Anderson – BlackSportsOnline
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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Who Was Robbed Of $1M in Jewelry Scammed $90K From Church Member Named Pauline Anderson

Most of these people walking around and claiming to be men of God are fake and thieves in cassocks. A few days ago, a video of a flashy NYC bishop named Lamor Whitehead getting robbed during live stream church service went viral and according to reports, he was robbed of $1 million in jewelry.

And now, the New York Post is reporting that Lamor Whitehead allegedly stole $90K from his one of his church members named Pauline Anderson.

The flashy Brooklyn pastor who was robbed of more than $1 million in jewelry during a livestreamed church service was accused of stealing $90,000 from a congregant in a lawsuit filed last year.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead — who is known for flaunting his Gucci suits, diamond-encrusted chains and stable of luxury vehicles — allegedly has a history of grifting and even served time in prison for identity theft and grand larceny.

Pauline Anderson, 56, accused the Rolls-Royce-driving clergyman of convincing her to liquidate her life savings and pay him a $90,000 “investment” in November 2020 with the promise that he would buy and renovate a home for her, according to her Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit.

Whitehead also agreed to pay Anderson $100 per month, since the savings was her only source of income, says the suit, first reported by The City on Thursday.

Whitehead, 44, allegedly only made one of the $100 payments to Anderson in January 2021, and each time she asked about the status of her home in the following months, he repeatedly told her that he was tied up with his election campaign for Brooklyn borough president, according to the lawsuit.

Ultimately, instead of helping Anderson find a home, Whitehead used the funds as down payment on the contract to purchase a $4.4 million home for himself in Saddle River, New Jersey, the suit alleges.

Anderson — who was introduced to Whitehead through her son Rasheed Anderson in 2020 — only found out about the Saddle River home after Whitehead accidently sent an email to Rasheed about the purchase, the lawsuit says.

The Saddle River purchase didn’t go through. But Whitehead did buy a $4.5 million apartment complex in Hartford, Conn., according to The City.

Stop giving your money to these fake preachers. I don’t even be that mad at the Dior Deacon because people can clearly see he is a scammer but they are still handing over their money to him.

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