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Cardi B Says Offset Allows Her To Cheat With Women Because They Have an Open Marriage Now

I’m not surprised if Cardi B and her cheating husband Offset are in an open marriage and having relations with whoever they want to. In the live video on Instagram that has gone viral, Cardi B could be seen and heard trying to contact Offset to ask permission to bring a female home to have relations with her.

Offset was probably somewhere also having relations with some girl he met on Instagram.

MTO News got the juice;

Do Cardi B and Offset have an open marriage? Well that’s what it seems to be – if you take Cardi’s social media rant yesterday at face value.

Yesterday Cardi B went on Twitter, extremely drunk – and began spilling tea on her relationship with husband Offset. In the video, Cardi appeared to be flirting with a woman, and suggested that she planned on taking the woman “home with her.”

She even called her husband, during the video, in an apparent attempt to get permission from the Migos star to step outside of their marriage vows.

Cardi and Offset currently live in Atlanta – where open marriages among the rich and famous are close to the norm.

Cardi explained to fans that she had her aunt babysitting her kids so tonight the singer said, “I’m outside celebrating her [new] single.”

According to Cardi she met a dark skin “thick”girl while out, and Cardi fell enamored with the young lady. Cardi explained, “That thick b**ch was low key flirting with me. Don’t be flirting with me, I will for real eat your p***y.”

Then Cardi asked her assistant to call Offset, presumable to get his permission for Cardi to pursue a one night relationship with the girl – who is named Kia.

Cardi explained that the next time she sees Kia, she plans on having relations with her “right in the club.”

Cardi then explained her “open” relationship with Offset, Cardi claims, “It’s with a woman so that’s not considered cheating. My husband likes that s**t.”

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