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Social Media Reacts To a Viral Wax Figure Of Michael B. Jordan That Doesn’t Look Like Him

A light-skinned wax figure of Michael B. Jordan has gone viral on the internet with social media folks having a field day on the various social media platforms. Essence on their Facebook page reacted to the viral wax figure saying;

There is a current wax figure floating around the internet that claims to be of Michael B. Jordan. We just wanted to clear the air, set the record straight, and provide everyone with breakfast simultaneously.

According to The Independent;

An image of a fan together with a new wax figure of the Black Panther star has gone viral with many people commenting how “strange” the actor looks.

The wax figure, who bears little resemblance to the real-life Jordan, is wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and black trainers.

In one post that has gone viral on Twitter, a person shared the photo accompanied by the caption: “Y’all look at this. It’s supposed to be Michael B Jordan.”

“Lord release us from the shackles of that Micahel B Jordan wax figure,” joked one person.

Another added: “The wax artist trying to explain to everyone how that looks like Michael B Jordan,” alongside a meme of Sydney Sweeney’s character in Euphoria looking distressed.

“Do they make these wax figures from memory or?” questioned someone else.

A fifth person wrote: “What’s crazy is that it does look like him but like… a derivative of a derivative. Like someone made a wax figure of a wax figure of Michael B Jordan and some accuracy was lost with each new iteration.”

Michael B. Jordan is currently getting over breaking up with Lori Harvey. He called her an airhead, but that could just be the hurt.

Michael B. Jordan is yet to react to the viral light-skinned wax figure of him. In the meantime, flip to the next page to see how Twitter folks are reacting to the viral wax figure…

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