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Watch a Man Rob a Bank Disguised as “Madea”

People are developing smart ways of committing crimes without anyone getting a hint of it. According to reports, a man disguised himself as an old lady dressed like Tyler Perry’s “Madea” character and robbed a bank. He’s not been tagged “criminal Madea.”

Vlad has more;

On Tuesday afternoon, a grown man strolled into Chase Bank at 323 Jonesboro Road in McDonough, Georgia, disguised as an old woman in a floral dress and gray wig, unknownst to security. With orange gloves on and a pink purse in his arms, the unidentified man made his way to a teller at the front counter and calmly handed the Chase Bank employee a note that stated his demand for money and that he was carrying a firearm. The robbery was executed smoothly as the disguised man was handed a lump sum of cash for his troubles before exiting the building and driving off in his white SUV. He is described as a six-foot-tall Black man with a slender build.

Thus far, local authorities have failed to identify the suspect, nor have they released the amount of money he made off with, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from nicknaming the criminal “Madea” because of his humorous resemblance to the protagonist from Tyler Perry’s iconic comedy series.

The chances of getting away with a bank robbery aren’t as bad as you might think if you have a proper disguise and don’t make stupid mistakes like driving your own car to the robbery.

Most bank robbers get caught after multiple robberies not the first one. If this guy was smart and robbed a bank nowhere close to where he actually lives, took the proper precautions, and doesn’t buy a Maybach in cash any time soon, he might get away with it.

Flip to the next page to watch the footage it was very smooth, I am sure Tyler Perry is cooking up a plot as we speak.

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