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Watch Cardi B Hit a Fan With A Microphone During Performance At Wireless Festival

A fan is planning on dragging Cardi B’s a** to court probably for compensation after she hit the fan with a microphone during her performance at the Wireless Festival.

In the viral video, Cardi B could be seen angrily hitting the fan with the microphone because the fan was sort of trying something funny down there.

According to MTO News;

It all went down last night when Cardi abruptly ended her concert, at Tiger Wireless Festival, after appearing to smash a fan in the head with a microphone multiple times.

But according to Cardi, nothing happened.

Cardi B was forced to deny getting into a fight with the audience at Wireless Festival – as video began to circulate Twitter, seemingly showing her hitting a fan with her microphone.

But clearing things up, the rapper tweeted: ‘It wasn’t NO FIGHT!’, as videos from other angles showed that she was simply caught up within the crowd.

In a video posted to Twitter by a fan in the crowd at the festival, Cardi bent over to the front of the crowd, before swinging her microphone in the air and seemingly hitting down.

She stayed down low for a few seconds, as her arms could be seen swinging up and down before she appeared to wrestle, before the lights went down on the stage.

The fan captioned the video: ‘Cardi B fights fan on stage at Wireless Festival’. But hitting back to clear her name, Cardi explained that it wasn’t a fight, as other videos began to pop up – showing the moment from different angles as she simply got caught up in the audience.

But one person, claiming to be a fan who was hit with the microphone took to social media, Media Take Out has learned, and is threatening to sue Cardi. The allegedly injured fan spoke out on Twitter claiming he was “hit in the head” by Cardi, and that he has “hired a lawyer.”

The fan wouldn’t say what he may have done to provoke Cardi’s response.

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