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Watch Mike Tyson Speak on Why He Thinks He Will Pass Away Soon

It’s no secret that we’re all going to eventually die, but most of us don’t think about when.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson isn’t most of us.

On a recent episode his ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’ podcast, the former champ was talking with his therapist Sean McFarland, and he talked about dying.

Except Mike didn’t just leave it at that, he mentioned how he could be dying soon. It could just be him talking, or he really could think he’s going to pass away soon.

Either way, let’s hope he doesn’t.  I am just going to assume Tyson was just very high. We need more stories from him.

The former two-time heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, once shared a stage with renowned actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy. Interestingly, the comedian did ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ impression in front of him. This rare moment witnessed Tyson almost Chris Rock’ed Murphy.

A rare video clip of Tyson is catching the attention of fans on social media platforms. The clip displayed Tyson paying tribute to an American singer on a show hosted by Eddie Murphy.

Tyson said, “Stay tune for more of the Sammy Davis Jr. Tribute honoring the one heavyweight I would never dare to step into the ring with. Sammy you’re truly the undefeated champion.”

However, to add more spice to the show, Murphy persuaded Tyson to use his Mike Tyson tune. The real voice in which Mike Tyson used to speak earlier. Murphy said, “The producer of the show was hoping you would have a little more feeling of more mike. You know a little more Mike Tyson. You know more Mike Tysonism like.”

After saying this, the comedian made a hilarious Tyson impression. He said, “Helloladies and gentlemen Sammy I would like.”

Meanwhile, Tyson felt embarrassed, and he covered Murphy’s face with his hand around the neck and took him off the stage before the latter could complete.

Notably, it is quite similar to a recent incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscar award ceremony. Therefore, fans reacted by connecting it to Will Smith’s controversy.

One fan wrote, “Eddie was lucky it wasn’t Will.”

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