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Browns GM on Banning Deshaun Watson From Getting IG Model Massages

According to reports, the Cleveland Browns made a massage plan for Deshaun Watson as soon as they traded for him. Apparently, they knew he would want to get future massages and planned for it.

According to Side Action;

The Cleveland Browns knew what they were getting themselves into when they traded for Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson was accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct, which all took place during massage sessions, something the Browns knew about prior to trading for the star Quarterback. Despite the accusations levied against Watson, Cleveland signed Watson to a $230 million deal, which also was fully guaranteed.

Something pretty unheard of, especially considering the circumstances of his situation. The Browns knew he would at some point be suspended. That happened today, when the NFLPA and league office settled on an 11 game suspension and a $5 Million Dollar fine. Cleveland Browns GM Andrew Berry revealed today that the team started putting together their own massage plan for Deshaun Watson as soon as they executed the trade.

Definitely a strange thing to do from a guy who says he did nothing wrong.

What this really sounds like is they signed Watson and immediately start planning how to keep him from committing more sexual assaults while in Cleveland. But the other tricky part of this whole massage sexual assault thing is there was never any evidence for criminal charges. So technically Watson did enough to make the women uncomfortable, but not enough where he was committing a crime.

There’s one easy way to make sure this never happens again, you give him a male massage therapist. Apparently the Browns are all about second chances.

Browns are going to make sure that Watson stay out of those DMs and Watson himself needs to be careful. Any wrong move and he could be looking at a lifetime ban and no money from that guaranteed contract so he needs to just delete the app.

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