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Lawyer Tony Buzbee Uses Adam Schefter’s Tweet to Say The NFL Doesn’t Care About Women

Judge Sue Robinson issued her suspension for Deshaun Watson, and to the surprise of no one, most people don’t think it’s enough.

Watson was accused of sexual misconduct by over 20 women and received six games for it. He wasn’t charged with anything criminally and did settle with most of the women.

One would think that since this is a very serious issue and because it was so many women, the NFL and Judge Robinson would go through an extensive investigation. Still, according to Tony Buzbee, attorney for the women who sued Watson, the investigation wasn’t all that thorough.

During a press conference, he noted just how bad of a job the NFL did during the investigation, saying they didn’t try to talk to every victim and asked ridiculous questions like what they were wearing.

Buzbee also called out ESPN’s NFL reporter Adam Schefter during the process. He pulled out one of Schefter’s tweets where he said Watson welcomed a police investigation because he felt that the truth would come out and put it on a large board for everyone to see.

“We believe the elected DA failed these women,” Buzbee said. “It was frustrating but it was expected. There are more than 463,000 incidents of sexual assault in the United States each year. 70 percent of those are never reported to the police. Less than 1 percent of those ever lead to a conviction.”

He then took aim at Schefter, who when Watson was not charged, tweeted, “This is why Deshaun Watson, from the beginning, welcomed a police investigation: He felt he knew that the truth would come out. And today, a grand jury did not charge him on any of the criminal complaints.”

Buzbee indicated that the ESPN NFL reporter had never spoken to him throughout this long legal process, and blamed the general tone of the tweet for why more victims do not come forward.

If this is true and the NFL didn’t really do a thorough job in their investigation, then it’s a really horrible look, and someone should be fired.

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