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OnlyFans Model Allie Rae Is Smartly Using Funds Made On The App To Fund Other Businesses

She’s smart! Not all OnlyFans are this smart. Some blow huge sums of money made on the app on lavish living and showing off but not Allie Rae. According to the NYP, she’s building other businesses using funds made from OnlyFans.

Allie Rae made $3 million by posting X-rated clips on OnlyFans during pandemic lockdown. She’s now pumping that booty into a host of new ventures aimed at boosting her already bulging bank account.

“I love the challenge of running a business,” the 38-year-old Navy vet and mom of three told The Post. She’s busy producing a streaming show about craft beer, working out a partnership deal with a beef jerky company, investing in real estate and writing a book on how to build a brand.

And that’s all while continuing to cash in with steamy uploads, which include pleasuring herself and having sex with her husband. Her page generated half a million dollars in revenue in just one month at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, though her take has since come down from that figure, she said.

“My brain is always working,” she told The Post. “I know I’m not going to be creating this kind of content when I’m 60. You can’t rely on beauty forever.”

Her new show, “Tap That with Allie Rae,” already has 40 episodes already in the can and will be available on YouTube, Instagram and other social media starting Sept. 1. In it, she reviews new beers and offers insights from brew masters shot at The Brown Boxer, a sports pub in Clearwater Beach North near her home in Tampa.

“People have a question: What’s a black IPA or what makes a sour beer sour? I definitely know that stuff. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, this girl is cute and she’s only promoting her OnlyFans pages,’” she said.

“We have an editing team and a full-time videographer on retainer,” she said. “We’re looking into a partnership with Snap TV. We want to bring in celebs and get a flagship sponsor.”

Rae — who served in the military in Minnesota and adopted the alias for privacy and security reasons — said it was actually her love of beer that launched her OnlyFans success.

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