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Tom Brady’s Mom Health is Failing That is Why He Needed to Take Some Time Off From Bucs Camp

Tom Brady wasn’t present at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice and there is an NFL insider here to let us into why Tom was absent at the Bucs’ practice. According to Ian Rapoport, Tom absented himself due to personal and non-football reasons via Side Action;

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend is taking some time away from the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an excused absence. However, it’s not going to be a short break away from his team. The veteran quarterback is not expected to return until after the Bucs’ preseason game vs. the Titans on Aug. 20th. The reason behind Tom’s excused absence is being cited as “Personal Reasons” but the exact reason is still a mystery.

“#Bucs QB Tom Brady is not at practice today for personal, non-football reasons. Coach Todd Bowles will discuss it after practice, but my understanding is he won’t be present for a few days,” Rapoport wrote.

While some fans are speculating Brady may be re-considering retirement, others believe his Mother’s health may be at the center of this all.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport just offered more clarity on the situation. He says the Bucs are “on board” with Brady’s absence and understands it may take a while before he returns.

“Tom Brady is fine and the team is on board with his reasons for being absent. But it’ll be a little bit before he’s back,” said Rapoport.

Buccaneers star linebacker Devin White told reporters just moments ago that he’s going to be “praying” for Brady.

“On the inside we know what’s going on. We know our quarterback’s good. We’re just praying for him and let him handle his business,” said White.

Mom over everything. I would hope most teams would be understanding of this. If you are a rookie trying to make the team you can’t afford to miss any days, but this is Tom Brady he will be fine when he comes back.

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