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Trevor Bauer’s Accuser Countersues Over Rough Relations in Bed

The woman accusing Dodgers pitcher Trevon Bauer of sexually assaulting her has dragged his a** to court for sexual battery. The New York got the details of the lawsuit;

It’s the latest development in a saga that began last summer. The woman accused Bauer of taking consensual rough sex too far. Bauer ultimately did not face charges in the incident, and sued his accuser (along with The Athletic, Deadspin and the writer Molly Knight) for defamation.

This sexual assault lawsuit is the counterclaim to Bauer’s defamation suit.

According to the Washington Post, the accuser’s counterclaim alleges that Bauer filed his defamation suit to “silence and intimidate” her.

The woman sought a restraining order against Bauer, and it was denied by a judge.

In her counterclaim, the accuser claims, similarly to her allegations last year, that Bauer choked her unconscious during sex, and punched and non-consensually penetrated her.

When she made the claims in family court, Los Angeles judge Dianna Gould-Saltman called the allegations “materially misleading” and ruled that she appeared to have agreed to having rough sex with Bauer.

“In the context of a sexual encounter, when a woman says, ‘no,’ she should be believed,” said Judge Gould-Saltman. “So what about when she says, ‘yes’?”

“[The woman] did not — because she could not — consent to having such anal sex,” the lawsuit against Bauer claims, due to her being allegedly unconscious. The suit also claims that, when she woke up, she was caused “excruciating pain” by Bauer punching her between her legs.

Bauer’s attorney did not immediately respond to the Washington Post’s request for comment on the counterclaim.

Bauer has denied choking the accuser without her consent, and also denied having punched her in the face or vagina.

Bauer is currently serving a two-year MLB suspension that he is appealing.

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