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Watch Strange And Frightening Figure Encountered In Kentucky Woods

According to Coast To Coast Am, a strange and frightening figure was encountered in Kentucky Woods and the video is already circulating on the internet.

A creepy video circulating online shows an unsettling figure walking along a trail in Kentucky while dressed in what appears to be a hooded black robe. Vivian Hoffman shared the very weird footage, which can be seen here, on a Facebook group devoted to strange happenings in the state and explained that she had received it from the unfortunate witness who encountered the mysterious stranger.

“Not much info other than they drove past it walking in wooded area,” she explained, noting that the eerie individual “wasn’t there upon return within a few minutes.” Sadly, the short video only provides a brief glimpse of the peculiar person at the end of a trail as the witness is frantically trying to run away from the stranger.

As one might imagine, Hoffman’s post produced a myriad of responses from people trying to determine the nature of the strange figure. Some suggested that the individual could be a ghost, while others likened it to the Grim Reaper or even the devil.

Not everyone was convinced that the person was particularly out of the ordinary, despite their odd attire, and argued that they were likely a prankster trying to scare people in the forest by wearing a spooky costume. What’s your theory on who or what the individual encountered in the woods could have been? Share your best guess with us at the C2C Facebook page.

I am going to say this is someone just trying to go viral and this entire this is cap or there is an actual murderer hanging out in the Kentucky woods.

On the lowest of keys it could go either way. What do you think?

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