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Watch Two Florida Men Engage In Boxing Match In The Middle Of The Street During Road Rage Incident

In a video that has gone viral on the socials, two Florida men were seen fighting and wrestling in the middle of traffic during a road rage incident. What could have caused this brutal fight?

Vlad has more;

A video clip recently surfaced of a truck driver stepping out of his vehicle to confront a man who had just gotten out of a black SUV, directly in front of him. The two men didn’t waste any time as they immediately grappled and wrestled for position as onlookers slowly began to make their way towards the fight in hopes of breaking it up. The taller figher appeared to be somewhat younger than his oppoent, but he was wearing slides on his feet, which may have helped his adversary in terms of footing and agility.

“Yo!” Screamed a passerby. “Stop! Police!”

As the scuffle waged on, the impromptu wrestling match turned into a heated exchange of haymakers before several onlookers surrounded the men to break up the fray. But the fight became wildly entertaining by the minute, which prompted several of the observers to change their stance and encourage the fighters to continue without outside interference.

“Aye! Aye! Let them do it, man!” Pleaded a spectator who was clearly amused by what he was watching.

“You gotta go to work, man! Go to work!” Another onlooker screamed, as he cheered the fighters on.

“Don’t jump in!” Added a spectator as he discouraged anyone else from trying to break up the one-on-one battle.

Eventually, the two fighters grew somewhat fatigued and realized that they had come to a standstill. Up until that point, the scuffle appeared to be a drawn. So, they reluctantly shook hands, at the request of the crowd, before going their separate ways.

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