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Arizona State Staffers Were Leaking Intel to Opponents to Get Herm Edwards Fired

This is nasty work from Arizona State.

If you want to fire the coach, just fire him, don’t do stuff like this. It isn’t fair to the kids, and frankly, it is dangerous because if another team knows your game plan, they can seriously injure the players.

This needs to be investigated.

Here is the report via Saturday Out West.

In the wake of Sunday’s news Herm Edwards will no longer be the head coach at Arizona State, The Athletic’s Doug Haller took a lengthy look at the Edwards tenure in Tempe and how things fell apart.

Though Edwards never had a losing season, he entered the 2022 campaign very firmly on the hot seat. So much so, according to Haller, that people inside the athletic department were loose with team intel in the hopes of inducing a coaching change.

From Haller’s report:

An opposing coach recently told The Athletic that it wasn’t hard to get intel on this season’s team because some within Arizona State athletics wanted a coaching change.

That’s not what you want to see.

Haller also reported that Edwards “never bothered” to familiarize himself with NCAA bylaws and made some in the department feel he had to be babysat.

It also appears the ASU AD may have fired Edwards on the field. 

Herm spent the last few seasons in Tempe, where he was 26-20 and wasn’t bad while being the head coach. The team started 1-2, with the most recent loss coming against Eastern Michigan, and the school decided to let him go after.

And by the looks of the video, it looks like it was right after the game. While he was still on the field getting ready to walk to the locker room.

He was met by the ASU president and AD, who was waiting for him near the endzone and had a little talk with him, and it looked like they were delivering the news right there.

I would be very leery about taking a job at Arizona State.

Flip the page for a video of them possibly firing Herm on the field.

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