Khloe Kardashian on How Tristan Thompson Pressured Her Into Having a 2nd Baby Even Though He Knew He Cheated & Had Baby With Maralee Nichols on The Way – BlackSportsOnline
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Khloe Kardashian on How Tristan Thompson Pressured Her Into Having a 2nd Baby Even Though He Knew He Cheated & Had Baby With Maralee Nichols on The Way

Khloe Kardashian has probably regretted having a second child with her ex-serial cheater boyfriend Tristan Thompson because you know why? Tristan’s d**k is community d***k, and he gives to all women who want it! It’s not for Khloe alone, and that’s the painful part of having a thing to do with him.

According to Romper, Khloe choked up while speaking about her and Tristan’s second child;

Khloé Kardashian’s experience with welcoming her baby boy is going to be addressed in the new season of The Kardashians on Hulu, and a sneak peak of the moment she decides to talk about it is just heart-wrenching. Because, as she explains in the trailer, “it’s supposed to be a really exciting time” for her and ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson to welcome their second child together. Sadly it did not go exactly as planned.

The Good American designer became a mom of two on Aug. 8 when she welcomed a baby boy, whose name she has not yet released, via surrogate, making 4-year-old daughter True a big sister. “Tristan and I are having another baby,” she explains in the trailer for The Kardashians, referring to True’s father, basketball player Tristan Thompson. The couple’s relationship came to an end months before the baby boy’s birth when Kardashian discovered that Thompson had been with another woman and was, in fact, expecting a baby with that woman without telling Kardashian. This was not the first time the NBA player had been unfaithful; in fact, True’s birth in 2018 was also surrounded by cheating drama.

This time around, however, Kardashian was in a different position. And she got emotional talking about it in the trailer.

“It’s supposed to be a really exciting time,” Kardashian said in a shaky voice in the trailer. “And it’s just a different experience.” Kris Jenner was also featured in the trailer, telling the camera tearfully, “It’s hard to watch her in pain.”

While Kardashian admitted that “this has been a difficult time in my life,” she was also doing her best to be hopeful about her future. “But it’s the start of something positive and happy and beautiful.”

According to Khloe, Tristan knew he had cheated on her with Maralee Nichols the whole time, and she was pregnant with his son when he pressured Khloe to have another baby with him.

Now here’s what’s messed up. In Season 2 of “The Kardashians,” which dropped on Hulu Thursday, Khloe says Tristan knew he was having a baby with another woman when he pressured Khloe to have another child with him.

She says Tristan found out Maralee Nichols was pregnant with his child in July 2021 and afterward put the heat on Khloe to have their second child. She says just before Thanksgiving, an embryo was implanted in the surrogate.

Then, in December, Khloe found out about Maralee’s pregnancy.

Khloe made it clear on the show, she never would have gone down this path had she known about the other baby before committing to another child of their own … “Why would I want to have a baby with someone who is having a baby with someone else? I’m not that much of a sociopath. I’m a lunatic, but not that f***ing deranged.”

Khloe is such an idiot. Everyone tried to tell her, but she never listened.

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