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Real Life ‘She-Hulk’ Fafa Araujo Shows Off Insane Muscles

Here is the Real-life ‘She-Hulk’! She’s Fafa Araujo and according to her, she hits the gym up to three hours a day six days a week. She also says to be like her, you’ve got to be dedicated, consistent, and have the drive. I agree with her!

The New York Post has more;

Fafa Araujo, 37, hits the gym up to three hours a day six days a week — and she’s amassed almost half a million Instagram followers who fawn over her muscular physique. The brawny Brazilian, who now resides in Chicago, says it takes “dedication, consistency and drive” to keep her body looking so incredibly ripped. “I listen to my body – if I need an off day I’ll take it, but if I don’t need an off day and I am feeling good, I will work out every day.” Araujo told Jam Press in a new interview.

The gym junkie says she first began working out when she was 11 years old, saying: “I still remember being at school and all I could think about was getting home, so I could clean the house, and then help my mom, and then go to the gym.” By the time she was 15, Araujo says she had “developed a nice physique with thick legs” and never dreamed of giving up her intense workout regime.

The muscled beauty also revealed she eats seven meals a day to help fuel her body for her marathon workouts. Araujo is now a social media star, boasting 457,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently flaunts her ripped abs and hulking legs.

A recent video of the fitness fanatic working out in a skimpy bikini went viral — and set the pulse of many a man racing. “How many push-ups did I do? I lost count! But this is how I get a pump at the pool on the weekends,” she captioned the post.

Many fans, however, weren’t counting — instead distracted by the sight of Araujo’s sculpted booty clad only in a hot pink G-string. “I enjoyed watching this waay to much,” one cheeky fan wrote, accompanied by a heart emoji.

“This body is amazing and so beautiful,” a second male admirer chimed in before another simply stated: “I love you!”

You know she an open a jar of pickles like it is nothing.

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