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Watch Scott Van Pelt’s New Puppy Redd Take a Poop In The Middle Of Podcast Show

Scott Van Pelt’s new dog named Redd had to take a sh*** in the middle of a podcast show, and he’s trending. According to TPS;

Van Pelt went incredibly viral when he gave an incredible eulogy for Redd’s predecessor, Otis. he did so through tears and heartbreak.

On Wednesday, his new dog pooped in the house on camera. It happened while SVP was recording an episode of Slow News Day with The Ringer’s Kevin Clark.

Pooping in the house usually gets a pet owner upset, but when you experience heartbreak like SVP did, you learn to appreciate the little things in life, even if they are a little smelly.

Van Pelt joined ESPN in early 2001 as the network’s lead professional golf reporter, shortly thereafter becoming a SportsCenter anchor and later a co-host on ESPN Radio.

Who is Scott Van Pelt?

He left the channel in 2001 to join ESPN, where he serves as a presenter for SportsCenter and is one of the network’s top golf correspondents, covering major tournaments such as the Masters Tournament. After acquiring the cable rights to the tournament, Van Pelt also appeared on ESPN’s coverage of The Open Championship. He also is a prominent personality for ESPN Radio, where he was the co-host of Tirico and Van Pelt alongside Mike Tirico before the program was canceled and replaced with Van Pelt’s own three-hour program, The Scott Van Pelt Show, in 2009. The show was renamed SVP & Russillo in October 2012. He is a studio presenter for the ESPN Network’s Friday night College Football on ESPN.

Van Pelt has also appeared as a commentator in golf video games, alongside Kelly Tilghman on EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and in a comedic turn in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.

In 2012, Van Pelt made the decision to stay with ESPN. In May 2015, the network announced Van Pelt would leave the radio show SVP & Russillo to become a solo anchor for a midnight edition of SportsCenter, which began in late summer 2015. The midnight show covers sports events from the day, but includes additional commentary from Van Pelt and some popular elements from the radio show.

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