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Monica Goes Viral For Going Out on a Date With Kodak Black

Social media gets sent into a frenzy almost every week and this week is no different.

The thing that caused a frenzy this week was finding out Monica went on a date with Kodak Black.

The singer who is 42 years old shared pics saying she was on a date and she was kind of nervous. Turns out that date was with Kodak who is 17 years younger than she is and social media quickly reacted.

It looks like Monica found herself a new, unsuspecting boo, shortly after her birthday. The legendary R&B singer celebrated her 42nd birthday this week and it seems that Kodak Black helped her ring in a new year.

This week, she posted a photo of herself stepping into a Maybach with the caption reading, “On a date kinda nervous,” alongside a winking emoji. Fans quickly began to question who the mystery man was, which seemingly turns out to be the “I’m So Awesome” rapper. She later shared a selfie of the two of them together as she held a blue Birkin bag and Yak held a wad of cash in his hand. “THANK YOUUUUU,” she captioned the post while tagging Yak’s IG page.

The birthday post fuels previous speculation that the two are romantically linked to one another. Earlier this month, Yak shared a video of himself cruising around with Monica in the backseat as they jammed out to some R&B tunes. A few short days later, Yak pulled up to her concert with a bouquet of flowers and then, shared a TikTok to his song, “Walk.”

As expected, Twitter was largely confused by the potential news that Yak and Monica might be an item. Many quickly pointed out the nearly 20-year age gap between the two artists — Kodak Black turned 25 this year while Monica is 42. However, some weren’t entirely surprised by it. One user wrote, “In a world where Faith Evans married Stevie J and Toni Braxton got engaged to Birdman, it isn’t insane at all to think Monica would be dating Kodak Black.”

Wonder if it was a one-time thing or if it will turn into a relationship.

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