Tyrann Mathieu’s Girlfriend Sydni Paige Reveals He’s Got A ‘Finsta’ Account to Cheat on Her – BlackSportsOnline
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Tyrann Mathieu’s Girlfriend Sydni Paige Reveals He’s Got A ‘Finsta’ Account to Cheat on Her

Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend Sydni Paige has gone haywire and spilled the tea on him. In the process of blasting him, she revealed his alleged ‘Finsta’ account.

Side Action got the juice;

The three-time All-Pro returned to his hometown and signed with the New Orleans Saints last spring in free agency, a full circle moment for the player who admitted he wasn’t ready to be in New Orleans due to all the potential distractions. The move was significant enough that Peterson texted Mathieu after the signing, simple song lyrics by Drake to celebrate his return to the city he left behind.

“That was big for him, man. I know how much Louisiana [and] New Orleans means to him,” Peterson said. Mathieu can stand at his locker now and say he “made it.”

But none of it would have been possible without the team that took a chance on him in 2013. Arizona. The New Orleans Saints and Mathieu’s first team matched up yesterday in a Thursday Night Football showdown. Strangely enough we found out some info on the very same night. Apparently Tyrann Mathieu‘s girlfriend Sydni Paige blasted out that the man known as the honey badger has a Finsta account. In case you’re not in the know, Finstas are fake Instagram accounts, and they are often intended to avoid a girlfriend’s oversight.

“LOL. Tyrann Mathieu has a finsta. How old are we?? If you didn’t know finsta is a Instagram where you post things you wouldn’t  post on your public IG.”

Sydni quickly deleted the message, but it was too late. The Finsta account also been deleted.

“Finsta,” a slang term, is widely accepted as a contraction of “fake” and “Insta” (short for Instagram). It is neither an official designation nor a type of account offered by Facebook. Rather, it is a term many users ascribe to secondary accounts they create for themselves on Instagram, where their identities — and, often, the content of their posts — are obscured to all but a small, carefully chosen group of followers.

“Fake” here does not refer to the account owner — finstas are real accounts run by real people, not bots — but instead distinguishes the private, and to some extent secret, account from the “real” public-facing one. For instance, many celebrities with official verified Instagram accounts are also believed to maintain secret private accounts for personal use; in such cases, the personal accounts would be referred to as finstas.

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