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Willie D Says He Wants to Beat Up Charles Barkley in a Street Fight

Willie D says he will beat the hell out of Charles Barkley in a street fight. According to him, he doesn’t roll with Charles and wished God had killed him and let Kobe Bryant live.

Vlad got more;

Willie D has made it known that he doesn’t rock with Charles Barkley, with the Geto Boys member questioning why God took Kobe Bryant instead of Charles Barkley. Now, Willie D has delivered more thoughts on the NBA analyst.

While on the ‘Geto Boys Reloaded’ podcast, Willie D was asked by Scarface if he would box Charles Barkley and responded, “I ain’t with all that.” Willie D then said he’s down for a street fight with the former NBA player.

The rapper and podcast host said, “Dominate outside of the boxing ring, I’ll f**king destroy him. Like a fight, fight where anything goes, I’d beat the brakes off Charles Barkley’s a**. Beat the muthaf**kin’ breaks off him, put ’em on and beat ’em off again.” When speaking about the possibility of celebrity boxing, Willie D said, “I don’t have anything to prove… If a muthaf**ka want me to get in the ring with anybody, we talking a minimum of $5 million.”

For you youngsters who don’t know Willie D.

His reputation reached J Prince, founder of Rap-A-Lot Records. At the time Prince was looking to revamp the Geto Boys and knew that Willie D would be a key factor in the group’s success. Once Willie D was on board, Scarface was added to complete the group.

Considered the classic line up, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and Scarface first emerged as the Geto Boys in 1989 with their gold record, Grip It! On That Other Level. The record contained the songs “Gangster of Love,” “Do It Like a G.O.,” “Size Ain’t Shit,” and “Read These Nikes,” all penned by Willie D. Willie went on to record a string of critical and commercially successful solo and group albums including the Geto Boys’ “We Can’t Be Stopped” (platinum), which featured the single “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” co-written by Willie D.

In 2009, Willie D was featured on a song called “Down South Hustlaz”, along with Young Buck, Trae, Bun B, and Rick Ross.

He was featured on a track on Mike E. Clark’s Extra Pop Emporium along with Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid called Scrubstitute Teachers. In April 2012, he released “Hoodiez” featuring Scarface, D-Boi and Propain. The song quickly went viral and became an internet hit. It is a tribute to slain teenager Trayvon Martin who was shot by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

Willie D was a Golden Gloves boxing champ in Texas so he probably could beat up Barkley.

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