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Giants Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones on If They Plan to Be Back With The Team Next Season

After the Giants’ playoff loss to the Eagles, Saquon Barkley had this to say about the quarterback market. According to Barkley, he doesn’t want to reset the running back market and “hopes to remain in New York ahead of free agency.”

According to the Daily Mail;

New York Giants’ multi-time Pro Bowl running back Saquon Barkley has let it be known publicly that he hopes to sign a new contract in order to stay with the team this offseason – and without forcing them to break the bank.

The 25-year-old just finished playing out the final year of his rookie contract and set a career high with 1,312 rushing yards to go along with 10 touchdowns.

‘I’m not really too concerned about resetting any [running back] markets or anything like that,’ he said Sunday as the Giants cleaned out their lockers. ‘I’m realistic.’

‘Like I said, I couldn’t imagine that being the last time being in a Giants uniform,’ Barkley said.

‘But that is the nature of the business. I can’t control any of that. It comes with it. I’ve been vocal about how I feel. I’m excited for the future no matter what happens.’

Then there is the matter of Daniel Jones. Who also is a free agent and could be looking for big money himself.

A day after the impending free-agent quarterback said he “love(s) this place” and wants to stay with the team, Giants general manager Joe Schoen said Monday that the organization wants to keep the former first-round pick.

“We’d like Daniel to be here,” Schoen said. “He said it yesterday, there’s a business side to it, but we feel like Daniel played well this season. He’s done everything that we asked him to do. Again, there’s a business side to it, we haven’t went down that road yet. We still gotta have our meetings with our staff late in the week and we’ll devise an offseason plan. We haven’t had those meetings yet, but we would like to have Daniel Jones back.”

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