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Shannon Sharpe Believes Tony Romo Came Close To Saying The N-Word During AFC Title Game

The Chiefs-Bengals AFC Championship game was supposedly close to being a game to remember, for a completely different reason that had nothing to do with the players. During the second-half, Chiefs running back Isaiah Pacheco breaks two tackles from Bengals defenders to make a big play to set up a 1st down for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. An impressive display of physicality from the seventh round rookie, who unfortunately has had his moment overshadowed by controversial commentary by commentator Tony Romo.

“The extra yards. The tough yards. The finish on the play,” Romo says. “Right there you got three ni…Talked about this. The best tackling team. They don’t miss tackles. And that could be the difference.”

The question is, was Tony Romo actually about to say what the majority of the sports world thinks he was going to say? Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe seems to believe so. Sharpe is a Co-host on the popular sports debate show “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless. After being tagged in a video on Twitter showing Romo’s commentary, Sharpe quoted the tweet saying “It’s [TV]. You get hyped and forget sometimes where you are.”

Romo was widely regarded around the NFL world as being one of the better commentators until recently where he has been slammed for being terrible, not studying or adding anything to the game. Was he about to say the n-word? There is no way to ever know. Only Romo knows for sure. It’s a popular speculation to have in today’s media; however, there’s too many possibilities to consider. Additionally, there’s no previous instances that paints Romo in a similar situation. For all we know, he could have been saying nickle backs.  The problem with something like this is you have no idea what someone says behind closed doors. It would help if Romo explained what he was saying but even then there will be no way to know if he is lying to not.

In the end, I choose to believe Romo is innocent until proven guilty. Even though the commentator technically isn’t in any trouble from Fox producers. It’s a shame that Pacheco’s big moment is being associated with the commentary. His play in that moment helped propel the Kansas City Chiefs to Arizona, where he’ll also play in his first Super Bowl. A feat only a handful get to experience in their first year.

Flip the pages for Sharpe’s Tweet and the video of what Romo said.

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