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Watch Uber Eats Deliver Guy Go Viral After Walking Onto The Court During Game To Deliver McDonald’s

A Loyola Chicago game had to be halted after one Uber Eats delivery guy walked onto the court to deliver McDonald’s order to someone who was probably hungry right beside the court.

The clip has gone viral with hilarious reactions via BETFTW;

When the Men’s college basketball teams for Loyola Chicago and Duquesne squared off in Pittsburgh Wednesday night, both squads understandably expected a game that would go off without a hitch. Everyone would compete hard, work through a solid two halves, and go home.

That is, until someone at the game grew rather hungry. Did they perhaps go to the stadium concession stand, likely only a few minutes’ walk away from wherever they were sitting? Dearest Reader — oh heavens no.

In the early stages of the second half of this college basketball matchup, an Uber Eats delivery person walked onto the court — in the middle of the game — holding a McDonald’s order. The person was eventually so close to the action that one of the officials was actually forced to temporarily stop the game.

Is there anything better than two announcers who have never seen something like this happen before? I’m convinced the commentators are who actually sold this hilarious moment. Well, they and the officials who clearly were taken aback, too.

As for who the McDonald’s food was actually for, well, it was a random fan who had the “fortune” of appearing on the video board:

By the night’s end, bettors who wanted Duquesne to win (with a robust -7.5 pregame spread) got their wish. The Dukes would prevail 72-58 and capture their 14th win of the season. And, thanks to a clearly very hungry fan, they had a unique journey to victory for all involved.

Next time, you gotta eat before heading to watch a game.

In a plot twist, people are now saying it was some sort of TikTok prank but i will continue to believe it was real.

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