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LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Shows Cheeks in Gray Booty Shorts

Olivia Dunne’s gymnastic season might be over, but she is still having the internet going nuts.

She is also showing her flexibility in some tight daisy dukes shorts.

This is why the guys are always showing up for their meets even though they don’t know anything about gymnastics.

Livvy Dunne’s 2023 gymnastics season with the Louisiana State University Tigers is quickly coming to an end, but that didn’t stop the bubbly blonde from showing off her killer upper body strength on the locker room floor in a recent social media share.

Livvy’s current gymnastics season with the Tigers has been tumultuous, to say the least.

Early on in the season, Livvy sustained a lower-body injury that left her unable to compete alongside her teammates throughout many of their regular season meets.

Thankfully, the injury didn’t have an impact on Livvy’s school spirit. In fact, it may have only intensified her drive to see her team succeed.

While Livvy continues to heal from her injury and prepare for the current season’s end, she took a moment to hit social media with a video clip of herself hitting the locker room floor and going from the splits into an impressive handstand.

Taking to TikTok, Livvy set up her phone on the floor of the Tiger’s locker room to capture her impressive moves.

Donning a grey cropped tank top and matching athletic shorts, Livvy went casual for the share. Her bright blonde hair was also kept low maintenance in a simple high ponytail.

She began by taking to the floor in the splits before lifting herself up off the ground and transitioning into a handstand.

Livvy’s strong, lean muscles flexed as she brought her body weight up and over her head before parting her legs into a split once again and touching one of her feet to her head.

That is part of Livvy’s appeal because she is an excellent athlete.

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