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Photos of Ja Morant’s Baby Mama KK Dixon

How did Ja Morant’s girlfriend KK Dixon get into all of this gun-brandishing mess? Fans should give her a break as she’s got no hand in Ja’s gun incident brouhaha.

Why trash her for something she never caused? According to ES;

Two-time NBA All-Star Ja Morant is the name on everyone’s lips currently. The Memphis Grizzlies star has landed himself in some deep trouble recently. A few days ago, the NBA suspended Morant for eight games following a disturbing update from a Denver nightclub. According to images seen on social media, Morant apparently flashed a gun live on Instagram while in an intoxicated state in the nightclub.

Following this huge piece of news, Morant and his close associates are facing all the flak. Author and entrepreneur KK Dixon is facing the wrath of NBA fans on Instagram. The reason being? She is Morant’s girlfriend. Fans in the comment section have dragged Dixon into the Morant debate for no reason whatsoever.

Ja Morant has had quite a rough patch over the past few weeks. After a game versus the Indiana Pacers, one of his close friends was banned from attending home games after an alleged scuffle between him and the Pacers staff. Moreover, Morant was having troubles of his own.

He seemingly displayed a live firearm on Instagram which urged the NBA to launch an investigation into the matter. They decided to suspend the former Rookie of the Year for eight games and there is currently no timeline for his return.

Naturally, this invited a lot of hate and backlash both toward Morant and his known associates. KK Dixon, Morant’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter has not been spared the hate. Here’s what fans had to say under her recent Instagram post.

ja sold

He fumbled bad

Ja crazy af for leaving you for the streets! Millions will do that tho.

Out of the numerous comments mentioning Ja Morant and his recent antics under the post, thousands of people expressed their admiration for Dixon as well.

You so cute kk

kk don’t miss

Interestingly, Dixon is a former athlete who played volleyball at Fisk University. Morant, who was once linked with Drake’s ex, has been dating Dixon since 2017.

The Grizzlies star shares a close bond with his daughter, Kaari. She was welcomed into the world in August 2019 and Morant has fulfilled his duties of a responsible father ever since.

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