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Where Is The Best Place For Wemby: Ranking The Best Landing Spots Between The 14 Lottery Teams For French Phenom Victor Wembanyma

Chicago, IL – The NBA will be hosting their annual Draft Lottery on Tuesday night and this year’s is one of the more exciting Lottery’s in recent memory and that’s all because of one reason.

Victor Wembanyama.

He is a  7’5″ phenom who can dribble the ball like a guard, shoot as well if not better as almost every big man already in the NBA, protect the paint like a 7’5″ big man should, along with all of the other freakish things he does on a basketball court that don’t even seem possible. I truly believe that he is the best prospect the NBA has ever seen. There have been other guys like LeBron James who came in much more NBA ready but in terms of just a prospect, he’s the best.

There weren’t many teams that truly tanked for him and they might be kicking themselves if they don’t end up with him but due to the way the NBA does things, all 14 lottery teams technically have a shot to get him.

But which team is the best fit?

Lots of people have wondered where Victory would fit best and everyone has a different answer. For me, the best place for him would be a place with a great culture and somewhere where he doesn’t have to carry the weight of the franchise on his shoulders from day 1. The culture part isn’t necessarily the more important part because he could set the culture of any team once he gets there.

Here are the rankings of the best fits for Victor Wembanyama:

  1. Mavericks

    The Mavs don’t have the best culture but it certainly isn’t the worst. Pairing Wembanyama with Luka Doncic would be instant success and it would be a pairing like none other. Wembanyma wouldn’t have to carry the Mavs from day 1, would add much needed rim protection and depth in their front court, and the pick and roll with those two would be magical. There’s also the added bonus that they could also resign Kyrie Irving and that could potentially make them legit title contenders.

  2. Thunder

    The only reason the Thunder aren’t in the 1 spot is because the Mavs have the “better” star in Luka but Shai Gilgeous-Alexander isn’t that far behind him and some may think he’s better. They have one of the best cultures in the league, one of, if not the best, young cores, a great young coach, a GM that really knows how to build teams, and were a game away from being in the playoffs. That was all while their top draft pick from last season not playing. The Thunder also give Wembanyama the opportunity to come in with little pressure because he wouldn’t be the lone star on the team. They could be title contenders within a year or two with him.

  3. Pelicans

    The Pelicans would be in the one spot if their two stars could stay healthy. Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson got to New Orleans in the same year and they haven’t played many games together in those 4 seasons. The culture is just now starting to turn around also. But still, no one can deny how great of a fit Wembanyama would be with the Pelicans. They would also offer the opportunity to come in and not carry the whole load. A really good young coach to go with everything that would surround them would have them in contention for the 2024 title. The only thing that would hold this team back are injuries.

  4. Magic

    This is the place I would like Wembanyama to go the most. A Paolo and Wembanyama duo would be very very fun. They don’t really offer all of the other things the Mavs, Pelicans, and Thunder offer but it felt like the Magic were a piece away from being a real perennial playoff team that was building towards a championship. Wembanyama could solve that. They would probably need a vet in the locker room to help make things smoother but they would be very fun to watch and could be a playoff team with him.

  5. Spurs

    The Spurs have a long history of developing talent and that starts with Greg Popovich. One of the best coaches in NBA history to go with one of the best cultures in NBA history. San Antonio is a place that Wembanyama would have to carry the weight of the franchise but with Pop the transition would be a lot smoother. They don’t have the best young core but the guys they do have a very solid guy and they would probably be another top young piece away from really making some noise.

  6. Pistons

    The Pistons could have the best young core in the league with Wembanyama. Cade Cunningham missed most of last season so we really didn’t get to judge them the proper way but with him coming back along with all of the other young pieces like James Wiseman and Jaden Ivey, they could catapult into the playoffs. They don’t have a coach yet and they’re probably waiting to see where they land in the Lottery first but there are some great coaches available and they could be lining up to coach this team with Wembanyama.

  7. Rockets

    I’m higher on the Rockets than most. I feel like they were losing on purpose and that tainted how people judged them. They have a lot of young talent but didn’t really have structure which was due to them wanting to lose on purpose. Now they have Ime Udoka leading the way and with Wembanyama they could make a decent improvement to make people take notice. There is also the possibility that James Harden is returning to Houston and that would make things a lot more interesting.

  8. Bulls

    The Bulls underachieved big time last season and it just seemed like something was wrong with the team. Missing Lonzo Ball for sure hurt but and their bench wasn’t the best but with the talent on that team they should have made the playoffs. The core of this team isn’t young with Zach Lavine and Damar Derozan leading the way so that would give Wembanyama the opportunity to come in with less pressure even though there would be the pressure of them needing to be better asap and be a playoff team and not in the play in.

  9. Raptors

    The Raptors just fired their head coach and no one is sure who will even be on the team next season but if they keep the same core guys and get a solid coach they will be in the mix of things and out of the lottery with Wembanyama. He would probably be asked to lead the franchise to success day one but with their core guys it could be easier. If they get rid of most of their core guys then the Raptors would be more towards the bottom of this list.

  10. Pacers

    The Pacers surprised a lot of people last season. Most thought they would be one of the bottom three teams in the league and have the best odds to land Wembanyma but they were a playoff/play in team for a lot of the season. They have a lot of good young talent and would probably be a cemented playoff team with Wembanyama added to the roster. The pressure to lead a team would be there but with a young star like Tyrese Haliburton, it would make things a little easier.

  11. Jazz

    The Jazz are another team that shocked a lot of people because after trading Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, everyone thought they’d be a bottom three team too. They would have likely made the play in if they didn’t tank the end of the season. They have some really nice young pieces but would need a little more to be taken real serious. Wembanyma would be the star of the young core like he would be in most other places but it could take a little more time and they would have to figure out how to mix him with Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler but would not be surprised if they jumped into the playoffs immediately.

  12. Blazers

    Does anyone know what the Blazers are doing? They haven’t really done a good job of building around Damian Lillard and he has remained loyal to them but this summer could be the one they part ways. With Wembanyama added to the roster who knows though. Not sure where that would put the team though. The talent outside of Dame is very young and need more time to develop. No matter what the saturation would be, Wembanyama would have a lot of pressure on him to help revive the franchise.

  13. Hornets

    A possible Wembanyma and LaMelo Ball duo almost moved the Hornets up to the top 5 because that would be very very fun. The problem is, they’re a lot of questions outside of those two guys. The roster wouldn’t be the best around them and they would need some time to really get things moving but again, they’d be very fun.

  14. Wizards

    The Wizards are kind of like the Blazers. They haven’t done the best job of building around Bradley Beal but they have much more talent and should be better. The fit on this team is very nice but the structure isn’t there in my opinion. They could very well end up being a playoff team after adding Wembanyama but him stepping into a situation like the Wizards where we aren’t 100% sure the best player will be there plus no real structure in team building isn’t the best mix.

It truly doesn’t matter where Victor Wembanyma lands because he’s going to create an instant impact no matter what. We’ll find out where that place will be later tonight.