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Video of Handcuffed Bengals Fan Headbutt Bystander Knocking Him Out

Most of these NFL fans are crazy! In one viral video, one handcuffed Bengals fan knocked out an innocent bystander with a nasty headbutt. The bystander did absolutely nothing wrong but ended up getting knocked out.

The handcuffed fan was on the ground with security helping him get on his feet and as he stood up, he went straight and headbutted an innocent bystander and knocked him out.

Football fans are brimming with excitement at the prospect of returning to the games.

In Week 2, the Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Baltimore Ravens for their home opener, and it proved to be quite a grim affair.

Despite Joe Burrow and the offense’s best efforts, they struggled to gain momentum and found themselves trailing by ten points in the fourth quarter against their divisional rivals. The chaos extended beyond the field of play, as evidenced by a video capturing the arrest of a fan sporting eye-catching orange Bengal-striped overalls.

While the events leading up to the incident remain unclear, it’s safe to say that what unfolded while he was in handcuffs was far from ideal.

It’s uncertain what words were exchanged between the individual in cuffs and the person being taken away by the police, but it was an unfortunate choice of words. The handcuffed individual delivered a powerful headbutt to the other person’s face, sending their sunglasses flying.

The recipient staggered backward and eventually fell to the ground, while a police officer and a security guard intervened, placing their hands on the offender’s throat as they pushed him away, all the while he continued to speak.

Fan altercations, unfortunately, are nothing new, and by this point, it seems like we’ve witnessed it all. Disorderly scuffles involving football enthusiasts who may have indulged a bit too much in libations appear to occur almost every weekend, and we’ve been documenting these incidents for years because they tend to capture people’s attention.

However, witnessing something as shocking and disturbing as this remains both surprising and disheartening.

This is assault and if the bystander decides to press charges, this Bengals fan will be in trouble with the law. I hope the bystander gained consciousness and is now doing well.

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