Danica Patrick Says Being Called “Sexy” Has Negative Connotation

Good news for Danica, I don’t think she is pretty or sexy.  I think she is utterly average.

The only reason she is called sexy is because she is in a sport with no attractive women, so they are grading on a curve.  I guess in the racing world she would be considered sexy, but in the real world she is just an average woman with no T & A or curves to speak of.

Tiny Fey is sexier than her.  Here is what she is whining about now.

Patrick told reporters that she would rather be called “pretty” than “sexy.”

“Maybe you guys can answer this question in some way,” Patrick said. “If there is a pretty girl, (reporters) don’t know how to describe her other than being sexy. It has such a negative connotation to it.”

“You don’t say those kinds of things to frame it like that for a guy or even sometimes talk about it,” Patrick added. “But it seems like with female athletes, if they are pretty, (reporters) only know how to describe them in a sexual way. I don’t care, but I just wonder why we can’t talk about it in a different way. Why can’t there be other words for it? Why does it have to be somewhat negatively twisted?”

So, Danica, how should reporters refer to a good-looking female athlete?

Just something without the word ‘sex’ in it,” Patrick said.

If Danica doesn’t want to be called sexy, maybe she should stop taking pics trying to look sexy.

Danica should be on her knees thanking the “sexy gods” every single day that a portion of the population finds her attractive if not they might focus on the fact she isn’t a very good driver.

The reason she is making money has more to do with her looks than her ability to make left turns, someone should remind her of that everyday.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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