CM Punk Hits Fan During WWE Monday Night Raw (Video)

The crazy thing is it looks like the attack was unprovoked.

Punk is in the audience and the guy seems to be putting on his sun glasses and Punk just turns around and gives him a two piece and a biscuit.

Pretty vicious back slap.

It could have been a Ron Artest situation where someone else was the instigator and Punk just hit the wrong person. My theory is someone touched CM Punk where they shouldn’t have and he just assumed it was this guy he lay the smackdown on.

I had to breakdown these three videos like Kennedy Assassination, but my theory seems to be correct.

The best footage seems to indicate a short guy in a white tee shirt continually pushing Punk and grabbing his arm.  You will see Punk turn around several times and look behind him.

Finally, the short guy in the white tee appears to slap Punk in the back of the head and quickly try to hide.   When Punk turns around this time all he sees is a taller man in a black tee putting on his Matrix Sunglasses, Punk loses it and attacks the guy.

The above below is in slow motion and from this angle you can’t even see the short guy in the white tee.  You just see Punk turning around and attacking the guy in the Matrix Sunglasses.

The last video is grainy footage from a fan, but this video shows the short guy in the white tee in shocked that Punk is beating up the wrong guy..

Expect a lawsuit, maybe even a criminal investigation unless of course it was a WORK.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline