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Confessions of a NFL Mistress Part 1

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2009
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With the tragic death of Steve McNair, a lot of eyes were opened to the covert side of some professional athlete’s lives. It’s a side that exposed the fact that some pro- athletes are not “one woman men.” It also showed how some women can be swept off their feet by fame and fortune.

People wonder how such indiscretions make the wives of such athletes feel, but the story presented here offers a different perspective. This is an account from a young woman who isn’t the “wife”, but is treated as such. How does she feel knowing that in the eyes of the “first wives club”, and those unaccustomed to the “life”, she is perceived as less than a lady or a home wrecker? How does she feel knowing that “her man” has a wife and kids at home? Obviously, her entire existence is affected both positively and negatively, but how so?

What you are about to read is an interview from a woman who was once a mistress of a NFL player, for almost five years.

This is Part 1 of a two part interview. The emails you will see are real.

Names have been changed to protect those involved. At BSO, we aren’t about exposing, we just want to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be the mistress of a professional athlete:

RL- How do you feel about people who refer to mistresses as whores, sluts, marriage wreckers, manipulators, etc? What do you say to them?

Tina- I understand why they use those terms. Most people don’t see a mistress as a woman just like themselves. Some mistresses ARE all those things; there are some women who target married men. I can’t speak for those types of women. I can only say who I am. I am a Christian, God-fearing mother, sister, daughter, niece, and friend. Was I wrong for loving a married man? YES!! However, I don’t know any perfect person; my sin is just a little different. It’s no smaller or bigger. It’s different. I never saw myself as a woman who would accept sharing a man, but it happened. I didn’t know for almost two years [he was married,] and once I found out, I know this will make no sense to you, but his marriage wasn’t real to me.

Our LOVE was real; I dealt with who I knew him to be. I don’t know who he was when he was at their house but inside our world he LOVED ME, WANTED TO BE WITH ME but because of timing he had married her before our love came. He married her because he was tired of whoring around and his grandmother was dying and thought she was a good choice. He never thought real love existed, so how could he plan for it?

I wasn’t a monster; I didn’t sit home and think of ways to get him to leave her. NO, never! I loved him and love isn’t selfish so my LOVE for him made me want to remain cool with the arrangement. [I made the decision]NOT be all over town with him because I KNEW the hurt of hearing about him creeping. Hell, he was cheating on me too!! I was crying the same if not MORE tears than his wife when I would catch him. I dealt with the truth of knowing he was in her bed minutes before waking up early to cuddle with me at our home every morning.

Chicks were on blogs and MySpace contacting ME not her, because no one heard of her, only ME. All his outside women came after me. So for people who hate the mistress, I say, be careful because you may be me one day. Your daughter may be me; then what? Everyone’s been a fool for love. I’m just lucky enough to know how big a fool I was and learn from it. Some women never know they were played and never learn from mistakes, so they end up as older, lonely women hating on women like me living the f*******life they dream about (smile.)

They say all those negative things about a mistress because they secretly envy it. They envy the life they THINK we live but despite all the B.S. one fact can never be ignored; these men risk it ALL for stolen moments with US! Their husbands risk their entire family to see OUR smile. So they have to lash out at the mistress because in the secret place in their mind, they know it’s not [just] p*ssy. The man settled with them, grew up and learned who they [really] were, then went after and did whatever it took to get/keep the woman he really wanted. Yep, that’s the funky part, but I’m biased; I was a mistress.

RL- How did you meet?

Tina- We met in March ’04 when he called my cell phone after seeing a picture taken of me at my bridal shower. My best friend was also engaged at the same time, to his brother! We never met in person, but he called me under the pretense of helping my friend and his brother plan their wedding since I would be the matron (I was getting married in May, them in July) of honor and he would be the best man.

Diary of a Mistress

RL- How did he win you over to the point where you canceled your own engagement?

Tina- I wasn’t in love, per se, with my fiancé. I was getting married to please my family. After Frederick’s original call, he hung up and called back and asked what color under wear I had on (smile.) From that moment, we texted and talked several times until that Thursday, when we agreed to meet, to “go over wedding plans.” We went to dinner and honestly I had already planned to have a great fling before my wedding. My then fiancé was horrible in bed and I’d never been with an athlete, so we slept together that night and the following four. On Tuesday he said that he knew I wasn’t in love and thought we could really be together. He said GOD brought him to me, to save me. A week later, I packed ONE bag and canceled my wedding, quit my job, and moved to Florida.

RL- Tell me a little bit about how it was early on in your relationship?

Tina- My best friend mentioned a girl in Atlanta that said he “burnt” her but when I spoke with him about it he denied it. Then a huge rift came between me and my THEN best friend (also my daughters God mother) because she told on him. He put her and her hubby on financial punishment, so then she pumped me with how great he was and [how] in love he was with me. I found some risqué photos of a stripper out of Houston that he had on the computer. Come to find out this same woman was also at my BFF’s wedding with us in Miami. (She also claims Frederick helped buy her house. He denies it to me but she was in the picture early on in his career. I NOW know that.)

RL- Once you found out he was married why didn’t you leave?

Tina- I did end things for awhile but by that point I was very much in love with him and our life together. I quit my job, moved, and canceled out everyone who didn’t agree with our relationship. I was crippled almost. Everything I had, he provided, down to my tampons. So where was I leaving him to go [sic}? My bank account, my car, all of if it was from him. Looking back I see he crippled me but at the time I thought it was love………………………………….


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  1. Kimberly says:

    I feel this woman is crazy. He didn’t love her or he would treat her like a side piece.

    I don’t envy her i feel sorry for her

  2. James says:

    NFL Nohoing

  3. viva says:

    I agree Kimberly I mean if she wants to be someone’s mistress that’s her business but if she expect sympathy or positive press she’s deluded. Not everyone wants to settle for being a side piece.

  4. Tamala says:

    I dated a pro athlete for 2 years and did not know he was dating 3 other women at the time. I can tell you from experience we are not bad people, we just get caught up sometime.

  5. EJ says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her because the signs were there from the start that she would NOT be the one and only. Then when it is confirmed she stayed. Well if women would have some standards up front a lot of this would stop. Now he is an ass but he just did what the women allowed him to do.

  6. Piph says:

    FIVE DAYS of a purely sexual “relationship”?!?!?!? This is love? So she drops her fiance, quits her gig, and moves out of state? Even before she found out the bastard was married, she was a delusional whore. No respect for her at all.

  7. amber says:

    The assumption that women envy this foolishness because she gained some materialistic benefit just proves her values are still in the gutter.
    I would wager she had been with other athletes or forms of sugar daddies because she is the one obviously wrapped up in that lifestyle. She says she learned but to write some of these rationalizations leaves one to wonder.
    Maybe she won’t be with another married athlete but i bet she has a standard of wealth and/or standards she is still after.

    No, we can’t say these women or all that do this behaviour are bad, but its disappointing to hear how she still talks about it.

    Halfway acknowleding her wrongs but in the same breath she feels entitled to speak on how a wife must be feeling or things she realizes.
    The mistress is there to provide excitement and sex. Men with money are willing to pay for it. If he loved her so much he would have left. its not a strange concept. But one that apparently she still hasn’t grasped. He didn’t leave her…was it really love. No. Once she is ready to answer questions from that perspective than maybe we have an interview that women who have been cheated on, and women in general, can respect and tolerate hearing about from a former mistress.

  8. Lil Duval says:

    she BASIC

  9. Dizzle says:

    We love the new layout

  10. Okay I hate cliff hangers but I’m really interested in reading the next part. Stories like this really amaze me, especially the fact that she gave up her life so she could be supported by him. Well I’ll be back tomorrow LOL

  11. DA Goat says:

    Well, she said that she wasnt a whore, marriage wrecker but she had a plan from the get go. its hard to believe her best friend didnt tell her dude was married. She is a mess.

  12. skeptical at best says:

    i have no respect for women like her. she has no standards and terrible judgment. planning on getting married just b/c of family pressure? having a 2nd conversation when the 1st contains questions about the color of your underwear?

    and i don’t believe that she didn’t have a clue that the guy was married, either. the biggest problem i have is that she’s a mother. talk about a terrible example for her child.

  13. Diva says:

    LMAO @ LIL DUVAL. I couldn’t said it better. She is def. a Basic Bitch. LOL at her professing she’s a ‘christian’. (insert side eye) Stupid bitches get on my reserve nerve.

    How the hell you gonna fall for a man who asks you what color panties you have on in the second conversation?? WTF? He knew she was a ho when she answered him. SMH

  14. Qiana M says:

    Just like the people that claim you are hating when you disagree with them, I have no respect for those that claim someone is envying them when they obviously have no respect for themselves yet put it off on those that point it out as being envious. Let me get this straight so I envy you being a sidepiece, having your heart broken and fooling yourself into thinking you’re in love but weren’t? NOT!

    Lets be real you were in love alright, with the lifestyle you were leaving but like you said this man had you TOTALLY dependent on him for EVERYTHING! Thats as bad as being TOTALLY dependent on Section 8 and food stamps. Same concept.

    Its one thing for you to come clean about about being a fool for what you thought was love but dont make it seem like other women had a reason to envy you. We don’t. The lifestyle you were leading plenty of women get that for themselves or if a man does help them, best believe she has a backup plan so that if he cuts her off shes not SOL

  15. susie08 says:

    I really hate women like this because in my opinion they make all women look like money hungry whores. She ruined someone else home just so the husband can send her on some shopping sprees. Tell me this why couldn’t this woman work for all these materialistic things instead of prostituting for them. Now I see why athletes have big egos it’s because all these horny golddiggers are giving them anything they want.

  16. Tracee says:

    I stopped reading at “he married her because his grandmother was dying.”

    Frankly, I would rather hear what the athletes have to say about cheating than what the “groupies” we all know why they do it!

  17. I found your blog via Google while searching for ways to catch a cheating husband and your posts regarding looks very interesting for me

  18. numba1milf says:

    Look, if you’ve never been there yourself, you really don’t have anything to say that matters to “us”. Unless, you’re speaking as the wife who’s getting screwed over as we “read” And You’re Allowing for this to Happen (as MANY wives do; not Our faults HMPH). If anything, we Enrich Your Life. Damn the money. The dick is Priceless, and u know this. That’s why you married it and get mad @ us for simply borrowing it lol This will be a Never ending cycle. I never want the bs and head-ache that comes with his ass, just the intimacy until “I” decide to move on. So, don’t “knock it”.


    • Tara Marie says:

      It’s so cute how you think that you are in control of the situation with your little “Until I decide to leave” comment. Bottom line, he doesn’t give two shits about you. The fact that you’re proud of spreading faster than melted butter for a man who wouldn’t even buy you a happy meal, is pathetic. It’s little girls like you who beg to be used, but are dumb enough to think that they are in charge. he’s gonna go back home to his wife and move on to the next after you. yeah, i guess i can see how youre in charge. (by the way that last sentence was sarcasm)

  19. numba1milf says:

    Also, it’s NEVER about Giving married men sh*t. If you’re a True Bad Bit** (not just when you’re trying to win him over, get married, have kidz and slack physically and in bedroom), you Make his a** EARN your Time, Respect and Most Importantly da Kriptanyte!!! Get his a** Sprung; theeeeen send his a** home to be Responsible lol


  20. LB says:

    "I wasn’t in love, per se, with my fiancé. I was getting married to please my family."

    "My then fiancé was horrible in bed"

    This gold digging B** was marrying the fiance probably cause he had money and a good job. F** this ho, she is full of Sh**….

  21. Tara Marie says:

    I love how she says she is a god fearing christian, but then is cursing like a sailor. She clearly wasn’t reading her bible enough, because adultery is wrong, and it is ridiculous for her to be stupid enough to think that God would send a married man to rescue her from her fiance. Bottom line, if you’re a slut, you’re a slut. She should own it and stop looking for pity.

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