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Please Release the Whole Steroid List

They need to release all the players names that failed the Performance Enhancement Drugs test in 2003.  Major League Baseball doesn’t control the list and we know the players thought it was an anonymous test, but at this point as a player wouldn’t you rather all the names be released instead of being scared that it could come out at anytime?
With David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez’s name being released from the list recently, basically the top home run hitters from the past 5-6 years are on the list including, Alex Rodriguez.  A-Rod came out after his name was released and “sort of” admitted that he used steroids.  It was big news on ESPN and in the papers for a couple of days.  Commentators went on and on about how it damages the game and what the kids will think.  You know what the kids think?  They think they like to see Big Papi, Manny and A-Rod hit long home runs. 
Yes, A-rod was booed when he first came back after his injury.  But he was booed more by Yankees fans for lack of production than by opposing teams for steroids.  And do you know why fans don’t boo as much, because they never know when the shoe might drop on someone on their team.  How do you think all those Red Sox fans feel who were chanting “A-Fraud” at A-Rod in the early season feel?  I bet you they won’t chant cheater at David Ortiz when he bats at Fenway.  And when Big Papi goes to Yankee stadium can a Yankee fan really scream “Steroids” at him when we know of Andy Pettite and A-Rod in their own dugout.
It’s funny many of those Red Sox fans who railed against Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa’s home run records are the first ones to defend the Red Sox 2004 and 2007 championships.  The Red Sox won those titles because of all the clutch hits of Manny and Big Papi.  But we also know that when they beat the Yankees to get to their first World Series a couple players in the opposite dugout were on Steroids as well.  And who knows at this point what other players were on steroids that they beat to win their title.  That is why all the names should be released on the list.  That way everyone knows who was who and what was what during that era.
And what about the players who weren’t on Performance Enhancement Drugs?  Everyone wants to believe that players like Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols are clean.  They may or may not be clean.  But is it fair to players like that who have to go around with the questions and whispers?  I would expect that most of the players not on the list would welcome the list being released.  But of course they want the list released to clear their names.  But what is the benefit to those on the list?
The way the list is leaked any player who thinks he might be able to finish his career and get into the Hall of Fame before their name drops is delusional.  Whoever has access to the list probably will be sure to release the name right when things are going well for that player.  I see it as no coincidence that Big Papi speaking out so strong in Spring Training about being suspended for a year if caught and his name drops in the same calendar year.  And yes it is was illegal in America at the time to be on these drugs, but not in Major League Baseball.  In that era players felt they were being passed by as they watched the Brady Andersons’ of the world hit 50 home runs.  That of course doesn’t make it right, but how many of us could honestly say they wouldn’t have done the same thing?
Legally it is reported the Players Association can’t release the names.  But it is reported that Manny and Big Papi knew from the Players Association a while ago.  And even if they didn’t Big Papi reported that he called the Players Association after the report last week and they were able confirm to him he failed.  So the Players Association probably knows every name on that list.  And who really does it benefit to keep the list a secret now?  There are still 100 names on that list and what makes them think that those names won’t leak as well.  We’ve had grand jury testimony leak in the Barry Bonds case and now these names are dripping out.  So let’s assume all the players on the list have been told or somehow know they failed.  Wouldn’t they rather their names be given out all at once say during Super Bowl week next year?  It would be a big story for a day and then it would fade as the big bad NFL knocked it completely out the news.  How much coverage would ESPN give the story with most of their staff and reporters down in Miami at the Super Bowl?  They are basically criminals who know they’ve been on “America’s Most Wanted” and are hoping they don’t get caught.  The names are going to come out why not get together and plan for the names to be released in a way you control and that does the least damage.  Make it a one day or one season story.  Instead the way it is now we could have 4-5 names leaked a year for the next 20 years.  If your on that list and everytime the Breaking News crawl comes up on ESPN you have to worry that it is you.  And it may not be you this time, but at this rate your time will come.
So release all the names instead of this drip by drip leak we’re getting now.  If you’re on the list wouldn’t you rather your name come out now and start the process to put it behind you.  Yes, you thought it was anonymous and you’re pissed at your Players Association for putting names with the results.  But that is spilled milk, get over it. 
Release the names Super Bowl week, a couple of apologies and saying I didn’t know it was illegal or “my cousin” gave it to me and didn’t tell me what it was.  Say sorry, move on and we’re done.  It’s best to let your name come out get in front of it and move on.  No player who after their name being released from Jason Giambi to A-Rod has not recovered their reputation for the most part.  You don’t even have to give a good excuse, blame it on “your cousin” or just say “sorry” and not even say what you’re saying sorry for.  The fact of the matter is most fans could careless and those that do won’t care as much when they realize how many players on their OWN teams were doing it as well.  And then baseball can just move on from this whole era and figure out what to do about putting the players from the era who are known PED users in the Hall of Fame.  ASTERISK or no ASTERISK???