Rodney Harrison Tells Tom Brady to Take His Skirt Off

Was Tom Brady wrong for complaining to the refs?


But the fact of the matter is all athletes complain. Has Tim Duncan ever committed a foul? Has Kobe ever not been fouled on a shot? Has a Defensive Back ever passed interfered? Has a pitcher ever thought he shouldn’t have got that called third strike?

You get what I am saying. So yeah Brady overreacted, but that isn’t unusual and it isn’t his job to referee the game.

The referee blew the call. Simple as that and he is the one who should be reprimanded.

The league should be criticized for there handling of the NFL glamor position. In their efforts to protect the quarterback they have in essence made them untouchable. Even though a lot of these Quarterbacks are as big as linebackers you can barely breath on them without getting a penalty.

Once again that is a league issue, which brings us to Rodney Harrison.

Here is the truth, Rodney Harrison is nothing but a “steroid induced” version of Skip Bayless.

He thinks just because he talks the loudest and says the most asinine things, that is going to make people want to listen to him.

Whereas Skip is somewhat entertaining and funny, Harrison is condensing and comes off like a bully. Instead of making an intelligent comment (like Tony Dungy) he just goes for the lowest level of journalism. If he was a comedian his whole act would be “fart” jokes.

Harrison’s comments just shows he has absolutely no journalistic ethics at all. Plus don’t think we have forgotten about the “real/fake” Rodney Harrison twitter account he lied about (allegedly) or the very classless comment he made about Terrell Owens last week. Harrison is just proving every week who the “Clown” really is.

I wish they had Ray Lewis on the NBC set because his comments while critical were exactly on the money.


Rodney Harrison told that he was just “joking” when he told Tom Brady to take his skirt off. He claims that he told Brady earlier in the day he was going to “take a jab” at him.

In my opinion this further cements my claims that Harrison is nothing more than an “attention whore”. When you are “pre planning” your critical comments of your former teammates it tells me you don’t take your role in the sports media seriously.

It would be like me calling Harrison and saying:

“Hey Rodney I am going to write this article about you being a clown so we can keep this fake feud up. It will be so cool.”

Rodney Harrison is the biggest joke on television and we can just add this to his list of “convenient” excuses.

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  • Well said, Obviously some has told Rodney that making shit up will extend his TV career..and since he Cheated on the field why stop behind the mic

  • Really good article here. I believe you nailed it!

  • Clearly you are an idiot. It was a joke, and regardless, Brady is still a girl

  • "…Harrison is condensing and comes off like a bully. Instead of making an intelligent comment…"
    Is Harrison changing from a vapor to a liquid form or did you maybe mean to use the word 'condescending'? Are you really fit to judge what constitutes an intelligent comment?

  • Good post.I DMed you on this though that you might want to take a look at

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