Breaking News: NFL Great Lawrence Taylor Arrested

According to TMZ, LT was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage around 10pm tonight.

He was booked and released on a $500 bond. As most of you should know LT has had many run ins with the law. I was relived that this wasn’t a “drug related” arrest since his cocaine addiction has been widely reported as his substance abuse problem in the past.

Looking at the mug shot you have to wonder if the reason that Taylor left the seen was because he was drinking because his eyes are blood shot red, but currently there hasn’t been any info stating he was intoxicated.

Very sad to see these NFL legends have such a rough go of it after they retire. LT is the poster child of someone who couldn’t “throttle” down after his playing career was over. Recently he had been on Dancing with the Stars and have made a few movie cameos, so hopefully this is just a “blip” on the radar and not a total relapse back to the darkside.


7 thoughts on “Breaking News: NFL Great Lawrence Taylor Arrested

  • So sad.

  • Professional sports=loads of young men, often with limited education from modest backgrounds given large amounts of money, fame and access to everything they need to self destruct (drugs, ill-intentioned women, enablers, etc). What sort of organizations and strategies are in place to help these men lead healthy lives? Random thought, I suppose.

    • Personal responsibility is the name of that program to which you are referring. It is not something that one is given or forced into, it something that comes natural to humans.

    • if he wasnt sober 'dui' would have been all over the headlines. btw…he's married. also, do u know his education background, probably not. hey, does madoff fit your description – money, fame (to the wealthy), oh and access to everything he needs to not only destruct himself, but everyone else in his path. you tell me who is worse? random thought, i suppose.

  • hey cops leave LT alone, my current G-MEN need to gp watch LT’s highlights,maybe their sorry azzes, will be able to get after the QB better,

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