Steven Jackson Releases Statement Says Abuse Claim is “Untrue”

Steven Jackson while not addressing the allegations specifically did release a statement:

“It’s disheartening that I have to address any alleged allegations 10 months later, but I have read the accusations made by Supriya Harris, and they are untrue,” Jackson said. “The accusations are especially hurtful because those who truly know me know that those actions would be out of character for me. Miss Harris is the mother of my son, a son that I love and that I willingly support emotionally and financially. I will address this matter thoroughly through the appropriate avenues, but not through the media.”

The key thing in Jackson’s statement is the phrase:


In laymen terms he is saying if she was really abused what took her so long to file a complaint. It is a valid question, doesn’t mean she is lying, but that is a question that needs to be answered.

Unfortunately in all cases like this I hope both sides remember there is an innocent child involved and handle their situation in a professional manner.

I doubt this is something that is going to be swept under the rug, so we will have to see where it goes from here, but as always I will keep you in the loop.

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